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Saturday 29th September 2001

Report from Tony Moore

    After a promising SW forecast Ron Smith and I decided to head for Ringstead, happy in the knowledge that the top landing was now open for HG.
    On the way I got a call from Ron who confirmed what I'd suspected, that the cloud drift was in fact WNW. So a diversion to Bell was called for and when we got there it was just about do-able, in fact a PG was thermalling nicely and heading over the back.
    I wasn't convinced and after 30 minutes it went really light and off to the west so back to plan A. I arrived at about 14:30 and I took off about 45 minutes later, and enjoyed my best day at Ringstead so far!
    It was fairly breezy and the orographic kept worrying us but never got bad enough to force a landing, in fact it made the flight even more spectacular. I spent almost 2 hours floating between 1,000 and 1,400 ft asl gob-smacked by the view. Where was everyone else? I used a Fuji compact zoom camera with slide film (scanned at processing).
    Tony Moore (PG - HG convert!)
(OK - The page says 2002, and the report says Sept 2001. Tony sent me this ages and I accidentally filed it without posting it - so, as an apology and since there is nothing else happening - with winds of 60mph at Ringstead this weekend - here it is for all to enjoy!  DD)

John Alder clearly above cloudbase

Looking East towards Durdle Door

John Alder

Looking west towards Weymouth

Bandit at 3 o'clock

A clearer view of Durdle Door    (and my caravan! DD)

Ron Smith and anon PG

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