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2003 - Part II


Sunday 14th September 2003

Report from Jon Eades

    I would like to thank all members of the Wessex club especially Dave Daniels, Phil (ZZ ?), and my old mate Ali Florence for all their helpful advice and for making us feel most welcome at Ballard on Sunday. Myself and Andy, visiting from Thames Valley club had a most enjoyable time and for me it was nice to fly at my home town for the first time. Thanks again and we'll definitely be seeing you again soon.

Report from Adrian Bull

    After a weekend away I arrived at Ballards very late on Sunday. On my walk up I watched DD and Nicole land on the beach and met up with John and Paul on their walk down. It was looking as if I'd miss out again, which was disappointing as I have been trying to get my first flight at Ballards for some time. Still I needed some exercise, so decided to walk on up on the pretence that I could always do a little ground handling. At the top I met up with ZZ and Russell W. who were still flying in the light conditions so I decided to give it a go and join Ali F and two other die hard pilots who were milking the last of the lift..
    I spent the next 45 mins enjoying the view across Swanage Bay in light steady air before flying down. Well worth the walk up. Thanks Russell for the site brief and Ali for the call.

Photos from Don Shipton

124-2424_IMG.JPG (36026 bytes) 124-2422_IMG.JPG (28148 bytes) 124-2442_IMG.JPG (35221 bytes)
Along to Old Harry and back "And I missed Don by this much!" :)
124-2441_IMG.JPG (27070 bytes) 124-2445_IMG.JPG (22103 bytes) 124-2447_IMG.JPG (24520 bytes)
As many on the hill ...................................as in the air! An unlikely SIV retrieve!

Report from Alastair Florence

    Reports are coming in of sightings on Saturday of at least 3 Pterodactyl like creatures soaring with fast precision over the Purbeck cliffs. The creatures appeared to be soaring amongst a flock of up to 14 weird floppy flying beasts. The floppy creatures must have been severely disturbed by this action as they continued to swarm around the cliffs until dark.
    Both species were spotted again on Sunday, the flying floppers were still in abundance but the pterodactyl like creatures had thinned in numbers. Similar sightings have been made in the past but rarely in such great numbers.

Report from Dave Daniels

    After minimal flying over the last two months because of my back, and having gone visiting friends in Kent yesterday when I could see others would be having fun, it was good to have a full day of flying again.
    Ballards was active from 10am until sunset - a fantastic sight in glorious sunshine and blue skies - the air warm enough to be very comfortable flying in shorts and a thin shirt.
    The wind was a tad easterly to start with making the lift band a little narrow, but this improved when it veered a few degrees. Significant height remained illusive (I think the inversion was pinning down the dynamic lift too), but the air filled with wings whist retaining good separation.
    Chief Condor, Jon Harvey stopped off on his annual migration flight to Hotel California - with several Condor chics in tow.

a5.jpg (218009 bytes)
Photo by Luigi

Saturday 13th September 2003

Report from Craig Byrne

    Fantastic afternoons flying at Ballard and the first soaring flight I have ever managed there in 10 years! (You should get out more! DD) Very busy but also very buoyant lift and some good sea thermals made for some interesting flights and later in the day it went a tad more east allowing flights towards Old Harry Rocks which was great fun. Neville, ZZ, Richard all had some good flights on HG's.

iano1.JPG (161604 bytes) iano2.JPG (161778 bytes) iano3.JPG (163336 bytes)
Ian Orpe
martinh1.JPG (156628 bytes) martinh2.JPG (158245 bytes) neville.JPG (153310 bytes)
Martin Hayward Neville Almond

Photos from Jeremy Mortimer

russellatsea.jpg (72456 bytes) martin h.jpg (140914 bytes) ballardsat1.jpg (65509 bytes)
RW Martin Hayward A fine day at Ballards

Friday 12th September 2003

Report from Craig Byrne

    Having blagged off my night shift early to get to the Monks it was good to see Brian M already thermalling away when we arrived, it looked quite good to start but the high pressure moved in quickly killing off the days flying. So many on the hill I cant remember all the names! (You've been out so little this summer I doubt that you could recognise them! DD)

Thursday 11th September 2003

Report from Craig Byrne

    Brian, Luigi and Craig had a pleasant 30 mins at Barton before the wind began to pick up and kept going more and more westerly, it was very slow heading west 1mph and bloody quick going east! I must be getting older my nerves cant stand that flying anymore ;-)

Report from Alastair Florence

    At lunchtime I nipped up to Kimmeridge - but with 22mph on the ridge did not hang around. Went back after work to find a warm steady breeze of 11-14mph. Swyre Head and other surrounding features were clagged up with cloud. After about 30 mins I decided it was unlikely to clear, in fact it had got thicker and lower. Kieth W arrived which rekindled my hope but again after another 30mins we had pretty much both given up.
    Then nature defied logic and Gad cliff, followed by Swyre Head and finally Portland re-appeared, we both launched. Conditions did not start off brilliantly, a lot of wind and not much lift but as the next hour passed the air became smoother and a nice gentle lift began to take over. No exceptional height gains just nice and steady up around 300ft ato.
    The nights are drawing in rapidly, Bell was good last Tuesday until it blew out.

Tuesday 9th September 2003

Report from John Funnell

    Had a nice flight at Bell today, up 2000ft and down again in the space of 4km and nearly an hour. The gamekeeper kindly gave me a lift most of the way back to the hill on the back of his pickup.
    Apparently the partridges have just been let out and the next few weeks are when they're most likely to spook if we fly low over their cover.

Monday 8th September 2003

Report from Lawrence Toogood

    Not much to report other than half a dozen of us defied the weather reports & just stuck our heads out the window to know it wasn't raining or windy (I discovered that myself on the Dover/Calais ferry for a booze-cruise. Flat calm and very sunny! DD) so a couple of hours flying window opened up at Barton sea thermals kicking off, best height gain was by Brain 150ft (wow). Don't knock it - flying is flying - in my book a rare thing this summer.
    And where were you all Friday afternoon? Flying Barton all on my own with only the public to wave at, well they were pointing cameras (wanting blood no doubt, £250 you been framed).

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