Wessex HGPG Coaching Programme 2014

A summer series of four on-the-hill coaching sessions to develop the skills of free flight.

Dates and times:

ONE day from the Saturday or Sunday of the following weekends:
31st May/1st June
28th/29th June
26th/27th July
30th/31st August

The session will last (formally) for three hours between 10am and 1pm

Programme Aim:

To develop pilot skills in a safe, friendly and positive environment by...

1) Providing on-site advice and guidance, including flight briefings (weather permitting)
2) Offering advice on a range of ground handling and piloting techniques
3) Advising on flying equipment and its use.

Programme venue:

Some of our sites are more suitable than others for this – Bell Hill, Monksdown, Ringstead and White Horse for example. Sites with restrictions (such as Southbourne, Barton, Hambledon) will not be used. A decision about which site and which day will be taken by the Chief Coach according to the weather forecast. If the weekend looks unflyable, there will be an Online Coaching Session instead, using the club forum.

Programme details:

The Skills Self Assessment completed by many pilots last year revealed pilots of all grades felt they could benefit from improving the skills across the board from flight planning to ground handling to thermalling to landing. Accordingly, the session is offered openly to all Wessex members from 'CP+very few hours' to experienced pilots who'd like a little support working on a particular aspect of their flying.

Broadly speaking there will be at least two groups at a session:
A group focusing on those interested in improving their basic skills
An ‘Improvers’ group who might be interested in developing thermalling and xc skills.

Access onto the Programme:

Pilots will need to register onto each session the programme - the data collected will give the Coaching Team details of pilots’ flying backgrounds and the areas they’d like to work on. To register for the first session at the end of this month, cut and paste the questions at the bottom of this email into a new message and send it to njmcc64 (at) gmail (dot) com. Reminders for the following sessions will be sent out nearer to the time.

Registration for a session will close 48 hours before the beginning of that session.

Only current BHPA members who are also Wessex members will be allowed to participate.

The Programme is offered to both PG and HG pilots, depending on the skills of the coaching team available.


Pilots have a responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others. On safety issues relating solely to the coaching session the decision of the Coach In Charge, often in consultation with other coaches, will be final.

Thanks and have fun flying.

Neil McCain
Wessex HGPG Chief Coach

Download the 2014 Coaching programme (PDF) Link to Adobe's Acrobat download site

Please copy and paste the following questions into an email, annotate as necessary and send to the Chief Coach

Registration Details for the Session on weekend of 31st May/1st June

1) Name:
2) Contact number:
4) BHPA Membership number and renewal date:
5) Current pilot rating and discipline (HG/PG):
6) Please give details of your kit:
7) Brief synopsis of your current level of competence including ground handling skills, confidence etc:
8) How current are you? Outline your airtime and sites in the last twelve months
9) What would you most like to get out of the coaching session? (eg, a specific skill, an area of knowledge, signing off tasks, attaining a rating, gaining confidence, site and flying conditions assessment, flight planning, first XC’s, flying in company, use of instruments or maybe just airtime)