Club Coach Co-ordinator

Sean Staines
PG (P) / HG (P) 
Availability: Anytime

Tel: 01590 622177
Mobile: 07764 566444


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I’m based in the New Forest and am out flying whenever it’s flyable. I enjoy all conditions from coastal soaring to XC flying; nil wind with the paramotor to 25mph with the hang glider and paragliding in between. Happy to help with advice and coaching. Currently the club PG safety officer.

John Alder

HG (P) / PG (P)
Availability: Anytime

Tel:  01747 828576
Mobile: 07963 580745

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John has flown HGs since 1992 and PGs since 1996; whilst still very much on the learning curve himself (who isn’t?) is always ready to help the less experienced pilot. Based nr. Shaftesbury.

Charles Campion-Smith
Discipline: PG (P)  Availability: ?

Tel:  01305 251755
Mobile: 07968 186308

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Charles started paragliding in the Lake District at the turn of the
century. He's keen to get some nice XC's this year and is out flying most weekends and some summer evenings.

Pete Chalmers
Discipline: PG (P, D)  Availability: Anytime

Tel:  02380 848588
Mobile: 07710 416682

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Pete started paragliding in 2001 (remember foot and mouth!) and lives in Hythe near Southampton. He's retired so will be out most flyable days if not sailing. Main interest is cross country so favours inland sites and on a good day may be flying out of the area. Happy to help so give him a call!

Gordon Crisp
Discipline: PG (P)  Availability: Anytime

Tel:  01202 429777
Mobile: 07957 820791

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I am Gordon Crisp (Gordy or Crispy to some). I am PG Pilot rated, having been trained by Andrew Pearce of Flying Frenzy (it seem that most of us have). Although I have several hundred hours I still feel able to assist low airtime members. Being semi retired I am available most of the time.

Everard Cunion
PG (CP) / HG (P)  
Availability: Weekends

Tel:  01202 483847
Mobile: 07503 792681

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Everard has flown hang gliders since 1974. He is based in Christchurch.

Richard Davis

Discipline: PG (P, D)  Availability: Weekends

Mobile: 07887851934

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I’ve been flying paragliders since 1995, I’m mostly found flying coastal sites, but it has been known for me to be spotted inland!

Harry Dike
Discipline: PG (P)   Availability: Anytime

Tel:  01963 362322
Mobile: 07929 784248

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Based near Sturminster Newton, Harry is out during the week as well as at weekends

Roger Edwards
Discipline: PG (P)  Availability: Anytime

Tel: 01202 311574 
Mobile: 07779 337306

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Roger is based in Bournemouth. He has been flying since 2004 and might be found out on our hills any day of the week. He is happy to help you towards your pilot rating and will invigilate your exam when you are ready to take it.

Henry Hookings
Discipline: PG (P)  Availability: Anytime

Tel: 01425 672766
Mobile: 07708 557776

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Found mainly flying at Barton on Sea, (whenever it is flyable), has been flying since 2005

Simon H Jones
Discipline: PG (P)  Availability: Weekends/Evenings

Tel: 01258 488891
Mobile: 07803 725131

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Simon has been flying since 2005 having take an inordinately long time to get his CP rating. He lives in Blandford and can be sighted at any number of sites in the Wessex region. He is a teacher and so is more often spotted during the school holidays but can also be seen by the eagle-eyed as dusk approaches at other times of the year.

Roy Menage
Discipline: PG (P)  Availability: Mainly Weekend but feel free to call anytime for advice

Tel:  01963 362754
Mobile: 07967 338800

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Living in Stalbridge, within easy reach of Bell Hill and many other sites. Roy has been flying since 2004 and gets out whenever possible.

Shamus Pitts
Discipline: PG (P)   Availability: Weekends

Tel: 01300 341682
Mobile: 07795 985642

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I’m based in West Dorset and have been flying paragliders since August 2006. You can usually find me on a windswept hill if there’s a remote chance it might be flyable.

Gary Puhl
Discipline: PG (AP, D)   Availability: Anytime

Tel:  02380 326156
Mobile: 07760 321108

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With 17 years experience flying paragliders and a passion for XC, I enjoy using the tandem when possible to give experience of soaring and thermic flight.

John Shephard

Discipline: PG (AP)  Availability: Weekends

Mobile: 07732 223407

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John has been paragliding for over 20 years and is an ex senior instructor.
He lives near Blandford and flies both inland and coastal. Available weekends and summer evenings.

Neil McCain
Discipline: PG (AP, D)  Availability: Anytime

Tel: 01258 459615 
Mobile: 07824 602214

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The Hitchhiker's Guide claims the knack to flying 'lies in learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss'. Part of the thrill of free-flying is that to the unwitting observer it really does look that simple. Part of the joy is in mastering the complex array of skills and knowledge to do it well. Coaching can clearly help out here: as a two-way process, it is a dialogue that builds pilots' skills, confidence and independence.

Availability: variable as the weather, but call anytime for advice.

Richard Stirling

Discipline: PG (P)  Availability: ?

Mobile: 07974 151439


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Dave Winn
Discipline: PG (P, D)  Availability: Weekends

Tel:  01202 304052
Mobile: 07966 458221

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Dave is a PG pilot with tandem rating living in Bournemouth. You'll see him out on the hill most weekends, flying the tandem, soaring on the coast or trying to go xc, either locally or around the British countryside with his competition head on.

Keith Wright
Discipline: PG (P)  Availability: ?

Tel:  01202 691599
Mobile: 07808 916507


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