Wessex Reciprocal Club Membership Information

We have recently negotiated or renewed reciprocals with the following clubs. Please make contact with the respective Club Contact before flying to ensure that you have the up to date site rules and please respect the restriction listed below.

The terms under which Wessex operates reciprocal club membership.

The Wessex Club now has reciprocal arrangements with Thames Valley, Condors, Avon, Sky Surfers and Isle of Wight Clubs.

If Wessex members want to fly these clubs reciprocal sites the onus is very much on you, as individuals to adhere to their site rules. You should have on the very top of your travel bag a copy of the Reciprocal Agreement.- Find out all the in's and out's of the reciprocal sites before you go. - Stick to the `rules` and all should be OK.

Reciprocal members are only allowed to fly reciprocal or `open` type sites of the other clubs.

You must be a full Wessex Member to fly Southbourne, Portland East and Portland West. All other Wessex sites are open to anyone with BHPA membership and a suitable rating or overseas visitor entitled to fly in UK with 3rd party insurance.


On-line Wessex members will be emailed with urgent reciprocal club site information when we receive it. It will also be put on our web site and in Airmail. If in doubt, please make contact with the respective Club Contact or Sites Officer before flying to ensure that you have the up to date site rules and please respect the restrictions listed below.

Thames Valley

Milk Hill now (16/06/2011) available to Wessex members.

Full Wessex Members can now fly all Thames Valley sites. (On-line sites guide above) except...

  • Rybury
  • Golden Ball
  • Uffington White Horse

Before flying either Combe Gibbet and Milk Hill, Thames Valley need your car registration details. (if this was completed on your Wessex Membership form, the details will be passed on automatically. If not, please contact the Wessex Membership Secretary). 

Combe Gibbet is closed from the end of August through to the end of February every year on request of the landowner.

Two other sites, Oare (Huish) and Golden Ball, have recently been lost, and must not be flown.

Thames Valley's Sites Officer is Fiona Burgess who can be contacted on 07730 660207

Devon and Somerset Condors

Full Wessex Members can fly all sites EXCEPT:

  • Charmouth
  • Branscombe

To fly either of these sites you MUST be a fully paid up member of the Condors and also have your name and car registration on a list held by the landowners. This is at the landowners' stipulation.

Condors' Sites Officer is John Harvey who can be contacted on 01308 423202.

Avon HG & PG Club

Full Wessex Members can fly all sites EXCEPT:

  • Draycott
  • Spencer's Bowl
  • Morgan's Ridge

Please check the Avon On-Line Sites Guide (above) for latest site restrictions before flying or contact Nicholas Somerville 01749 880579 / 07891 921651

Sky Surfers

Full Wessex Members may fly:

  • Mercury
  • Butser Hill
  • Chalton Down (Feb - Sep only)
  • Whitewool (PG`s only - has a site restriction of 10 pilots on the hill - whether flying or not). 

To fly Mercury

A daily check with the farmer is a requirement

A daily site fee of £1.00 is payable on entry to the field (post it in the box inside the gate)

The site is shared with others (e.g. aeromodellers, and due courtesies apply)

The launch and landing areas are strictly defined.

A site briefing is essential, particularly for a first visit.

Please contact Sky Surfer's Brian Parkins to check their latest site rules 07729 726160

Isle of Wight Club

Full Wessex Members can fly all sites