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Risk AssessmentsBell Hill, Ballards, Ringstead, Southbourne
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GPS co-ordinates for all the Wessex sites - in the members-only area.

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Wessex GeologyGeology of the wessex coast
Aerial photos of Dorset Ridgeway i.e. ridge running Broadmayne to Kingston Russell incl. Maiden Castle. Please send any you have to a local archaeologist

Dr Ian West of Southampton University Geology department would very much like photos of the area to the west of the cafe where the land-slip is much more pronounced, especially if they show some of the progression of the erosion. Oblique shots showing the geology of the cliff are best. Please send to

A researcher at Plymouth Uni is nterested in aerial shots of the cliffs especially around Milford-on-Sea carpark, but also along from Hurst spit up to the headland. Please send to Dave Simmonds

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