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Reciprocal Arrangements with local clubs

Bournemouth ATC and Southbourne/Barton-on-Sea

Site Photos
High quality photos of Wessex sites needed for site guide. Aerial or ground-based: anything that shows site features. Please send to the webmaster.

The contents of this guide are intended to provide basic information on free flying sites classed as adopted sites of Wessex Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club.
General rules and conditions of use of club sites is also included.
Some site specific and general safety information is included within the guide.
Anyone reading all or part of this site guide must be aware that free flying can be a dangerous activity and may lead to injury or personal loss.
Neither the Wessex Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club, the author of this guide, editor of this guide, any official of the club or any member of the club in anyway accept liability for any accident, injury, or loss, to any person, resulting from free flying activities, or visiting any of the sites mentioned or contained within this guide.
The reader has responsibility to read and understand fully all information contained herein.
Any decision to visit or free fly any site mentioned or detailed within this guide lies solely with the person visiting the site or Pilot in command of that craft..

Full site guide
(September 2019)
About 3MbLink to Adobe's Acrobat download site
Individual site guides - Each one is approx 300kb:
Ballard Down 
Barton Wessex HGPG Members only - PG only
Bell HillGoogle Earth Paragliding sim
Corton Denham 
Friar Waddon 
Hambledon Hill 
Maiden Castle 
Monks DownGoogle Earth Paragliding sim
Portland EastBefore flying this site you must report to the Young Offenders institute Gate house to notify them we will be flying. Only one Pilot needs to call in per day, not each individual. Please also let them know when we are finished for the day.
Portland West 
Ringstead Bay Video guidance on getting to the cliffs
Southbourne Wessex HGPG Members only - PG only
St Aldhelms 
Swallowcliffe PG only
White HorseGoogle Earth Paragliding sim
White Sheet 
Regional Maps
WestAll Regional maps
Wind Roses 

Paragliding (pdf)

Paragliding (web page)

Hang-gliding (pdf)

Hang-gliding (web page)