PG Safety
Robin Wallace (PG Safety)
HG Safety
Richard Mosley (HG Safety)

The Wessex HGPG club has two safety officers, one for Paragliding and one for Hang-gliding.

What's the function of the safety officers?

  • They act as a liason between the BHPA and the members of the club ensuring that both parties are fully appraised of matters relating to safety.
  • They ensure that all incidents or accidents are documented and that any lessons learned are passed on to the members.

What to do if i'm involved in an incident or accident?

  • If someone is hurt, administer First Aid.
  • Call the emergency services if necessary (and clear the air-space if an air ambulance if attending - alert other pilots using the club radio frequency 143.925)
  • Where applicable, try and provide "ICE" information to the emergency services:
    This may be found on the reverse of the Wessex HGPG membership card.
    Additionally, recent IPhones and Android phones specifically allow you to define ICE information which is accessible even on a locked phone.
    On a locked phone, press the “Emergency”/ “Emergency Call” option from the phone lock screen and you’ll get a keypad (to phone the emergency services) but you will also get an option to view/phone the ICE contact.
  • Collate details of any witnesses.
  • Make notes of the incident whilst fresh in you memory and before discussing with anyone else.
  • Submit an Incident Report Form.

If an accident occurs and you have to call the emergency services you will be asked the location of the site. Emergency operators can use What3Words, OS grid references or lat/lon coordinates:

Site What3Words OS Grid Ref Latitude* Longitude*
Ballard Down ///frog.ultra.chief
SZ038812 N50:37:51 W1:56:50
Barton On Sea ///chromatic.sweeter.fists SZ241929 N50:44:07 W1:39:34
Bell Hill ///teeth.blissful.harmony ST798085 N50:52:33 W2:17:18
Bullbarrow ///depth.dented.unity ST772058 N50:51:05 W2:19:29
Corton Denham ///warp.joints.replaces ST633233 N51:00:30 W2:31:26
Cowdown Hill ///blinks.compelled.suave SY639999 N50:47:51 W2:30:49
Friar Waddon ///noses.bloomers.colleague SY641854 N50:40:02 W2:30:33
Kimmeridge ///deduced.tempting.reissued SY926795 N50:36:55 W2:06:19
Knitson ///licks.inch.captions SZ006812 N50:37:50 W1:59:34
Maiden Castle ///pesky.blemishes.faster SY669886 N50:41:48 W2:28:08
Marleycombe ///changing.doghouse.fatherly SU023226 N51:00:10 W1:58:07
Monksdown ///bless.canines.soups ST939207 N50:59:10 W2:05:14
Okeford Hill ///snacks.parsnip.unfair ST813096 N50:53:09 W2:15:59
Portland East //airliners.visions.famous SY703718 N50:32:45 W2:25:13
Portland West ///elated.salmon.trail SY685728 N50:33:18 W2:26:43
Ringstead Bay ///positions.apparatus.eternally SY758823 N50:38:25 W2:20:33
Southbourne /// SZ130913 N50:43:17 W1:48:60
St. Aldhelms Head /// SY958769 N50:35:32 W2:03:35
Swallowcliffe Down /// ST975256 N51:01:48 W2:02:12
White Horse ///grounding.hexes.whiplash SY715844 N50:39:31 W2:24:16
Whitesheet ///visit.paler.quaking ST936237 N51:00:48 W2:05:31
Winkelbury ///flamingo.wonderful.gripes ST950214 N50:59:34 W2:04:18
*Lat/long in WGS84