Eye in the Sky submission guidelines

Anonymous Reports

Your name will be published with your report. If for some reason you don't want your name published then... tough. I suggest you go back to your concrete bunker, knit yourself a tinfoil hat and have all your fillings removed to stop the Illuminati tuning into your brain-waves.


Reports that impersonate or falsely claim to represent a person or organisation will not be published.


The report must be in English. Should go without saying really. The inclusion of e.g. Latin quotes won't make you seem erudite, just pretentious.

Unofficial Sites

We have a number of "unofficial sites" which are sometimes flown by members (don't ask me what they are!). These are generally sensitive in some way or other and the club has decided not to publicise them. All the official sites are listed here. Therefore...

Please do not submit EITS reports featuring unofficial sites - even if you refer to them as Site X. If I don't recognise the site name from the site list, I will just bin your report.

Mystery Pilots

If you fly a site which you shouldn't be flying because you don't meet the club rules, the simple answer is ... don't do it. Your actions could cause us to lose the site .

I am not going to verify each name against each site rule, so by all means mention your name. If you have to hide by referring to "Pilot X" then I won't publish your report.


Size: Please send pictures with your EITS report (DON'T EMBED them in your message). Don't worry about saving them at a low resolution because of size. I can do that.

Orientation: Make sure they are the correct orientation. If you don't have the time to rotate them by 90 degrees, nor do I. If you don't know how to do it, spend a non-flying weekend reading the manual.

Subject matter: Fields from 4000 feet - We have quite a lot of those photos, so think twice about if you really think it is worth publishing.

Complaints: Please don't complain if I don't use all of your pictures. I'm a power-crazed despot who likes to decide what is/isn't worth publishing.


Please don't send any. Video downloads devour bandwidth and no matter what anyone tells you, there is no hosting company that offers unlimited bandwidth. Host the video somewhere else (e.g Google or Youtube) and I will be happy to link to it.

Exclamation marks!!!!!

Use of more than 1 exclamation mark is one of the first signs of madness.

Multiple !!!!!s don't make your writing more interesting or exciting despite what the other inmates tell you.

Grammar, Spelling Punctuation

if everythink is written in lowercase and you dont use any punctuation then it can be very dificult for peeple to reed and i have to spend some time tidying it up before it can be published SIMILARLILYY IF YOU RITE EVERYTHINK IN CAPS IT REEDS AS IF YOU IS SHOUTING AND IS INCREDIBIBLY ANNOYING dont wUrry too much about spelling but most emale programs have some sort of spellchecker and it teks only a moment to run it before you press the send button however i realise not everyone is good at inglish and i will (in most cases) corrrekt the wurst before publblishing it.