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Sun 21 Jul 2019

Report from Ringstead


Forecast was strong getting too strong so arrived at 0820hrs and flew for over an hour, it then became too strong.

Went home and had lunch. Grant O called to say it was Ok, so back for a very pleasant afternoon flying down to Lulworth several times and enjoying some lovely laminar flights.Kire A (red ribbon) managed to increase his hours on the ridge.

Others boated about and 2 Avon Tandems and a couple of Hangies joined the fun and sun. Others arrived from Eype after a Coast Run further west. So it turned out alright.

Tue 16 Jul 2019

Report from WhiteHorse

Third and best day at the Horse. 20 wings at one part of the day, not been that busy for a long time.

Good to see Pilots of all abilities enjoying some good thermic conditions. Not able to get more than 750' A.T.O.

A very reasonable day indeed.

Sun 14 Jul 2019

Report from WhiteHorse


Unexpected playtime at the Horse, forecast was SE and James B chose the right place to be.

As I walked the track I could see James and Dale beginning to gain a little height. Took off straight into a good thermal and floated about the valley with all of us getting above each other. These boys are learning fast. Pleasant couple of hours Apart from late afternoon dark clouds behind.

Thu 11 Jul 2019

Report from Eype

Another day at Eype, had to visit some Austrian friends at the Campsite and spotted a wing in the air, so no brainer really? The wind was WSW and a flyable strength, launch was no problem and built up height in the bowl for the transition. Spotted the Pilot I had seen initially walking back from West Bay. However, as I approached Thorncombe Beacon I had to go back a few paces as it was chiunneling round the headland. Moved further out and gained height to play above the Beacon. Dinks followed in slomo and we moved on towards Seatown followed by initial Pilot who had attempted the transition to Golden Cap and landed at Seatown, he managed to walk up the footpath and successfully re-launched, no mean feat. Spotted Rockin Robin on launch and landed to brief him. Then oft we jolly well went to enjoy some thermals in front of Seatown and after an increasing wind landed after another hour. Another good day on the Jurassic Coast.

Apologies for quality of photos sun cream on lens. Video on Wessex Flight Reports.

Wed 10 Jul 2019

Report from Eype


WESSEX Members arrived hopeful at Eype, had a pleasant 50 minutes before it went SSW and light. A couple of hours waiting in the heat with a growing number of hopefuls and spectators.

Then it came on only to find a very strong upper layer allowing 1500' amsl and some pertinent use of speedbar.

Top landing proved to be not an issue although some went to beach after launching.

Visiting Pilots from Austria, South Africa, Avon and Lancashire.=

Mon 8 Jul 2019

Report from Ballard Whitecliff & Old Harry Rocks

A plan was formulated and executed by several keen Pilots and it turned out to be a "Classic" Ballard day.

Soaring round to Old Harry and along the Ballard Ridge with visiting Pilots and Peter H doing his Tandem Pilot Exam.

Video on Wessex Flight Repors on Telegram.

Everyone had a very enjoyable day of aviation.
Sun 07 Jul 2019

Report from White Horse

A pleasant afternoon with James B at the Horse, some variable thermals in a generally SSE-SE light wind.

So able to maintain and cruise along the ridge and out front. Surprised not more Pilots there, although 2 interlopers parked in totally the wrong place and revealed themselves to be EPs. Quiet chat to explain matters.

As leaving David McK and friend from South Africa arrived to taste the conditions.

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