Eye in the Sky - September 2019

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Sat 14 Sep 2019

Report from Portland East

Checked the forecast, and it showed a window of opportunity for this rugged Site. There have been a few changes since earlier this year with the quarry being slowly filled in and rapid development of the N.E. road for the Mining enterprise, lots of fences and security cameras.

The conditions worked for about 90 mins before there was an element of south in it, so we all landed safely after a pleasant morning in the sunshine.

Fri 13 Sep 2019

Report from Monksdown


An offer of a lift never to be discouraged and we were off to Monksdown. On approach we could see Tim M in the air and the sun was out, a pleasant change for Monks.

So, it was get prepared and get airborne. Consistent thermals were popping through although no great height gain, highest on altimeter was 535m. However, they were very smooth apart from one that had a very tight core and was a 4up, so sit tight until it fizzled out as none of the others were gaining over the back despite our best efforts.

Altogether an enjoyable couple of hours of aviation.

Sun 8 Sep 2019

Report from Eype

A good day at Eype with thermals abounding equalling a good measure of height.
3 of us ventured round Golden Cap and another to Hive.
Red Ribbons enjoying some spectacular airtime.
Others were enjoying the delights of thew Wessex Coast while others at cloud base Over the New Forest. A good day for many.

Sat 07 Sep 2019

Report from Monksdown

Skippy chose to drive and we had a look at Bell but it was a fair way off to the N.

So onwards to Monks where 3 were happily playing in the thermals and a rather grey sky. Yet it was there to be had and I watched as Sean went off to and over Winklebury to Bowechalke, I think that's a first in Wessex. At one point there were 20 wings in the air Including a few red ribbons. Topping out at 2500' and no more I decided to do a small triangle, out over Berwick St John then over the big house with the manicured gardens and back to take off.

At times hard work to get down and then dodge the dollops on the ground.

Nonetheless an enjoyable 3 hours airtime with friends.

Mon 02 Sep 2019

Report from Cogden Beach

Looked overdeveloped inland and some mamata were seen on the coast.

Quite strong on the beach and got too strong after an hour. However, some aviation was enjoyed and last man up was Acro Angus on his retro coloured wing.

Managed to explore a little further along from Cogden but decided it was getting much stronger.

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