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Thu 20 Jan 2013

Report by Ruth Kelly

It hardly seems worth reporting, but it seems a shame to have so few reports for January, and no pictures! The snow already seems like a distant memory, but that Sunday it was still deep and crisp, with the wind forecast from the North. We'd spent Saturday building a snowman, and it was fun being out, so we thought we'd give Monks a try - despite Ali leaving a sitephone message saying that the road up to the top hadn't been gritted, there was no wind and he was going home.

The Landy climbed the icy road without trouble, taking us up to a real winter wonderland. The road behind takeoff was very slippery, and there was up to a foot of snow on the hill. The wind was blowing around 5mph and I almost decided not to bother... until a little gust of around 10mph wafted through the trees. What the heck - having not flown since 17 November, I thought a bit of ground-handling would do no harm. It would also warm me up, and I might even fly a quick top-to-bottom.

Cue a glorious hour or so, messing about, both William and I taking turns with my Gin Sprint Evo. William managed three 'flights' totalling about a minute, and I did two, ditto. The second one was around 40 seconds, and I even managed to put in a turn at the end of the beat.

Later on I heard from Nigel that he'd been there about half an hour before us, and done much the same! Lots of fun. But roll on spring!

Tue 15 Jan 2013

Report by Neil Mccain

Pretty treacherous approach over black ice to Bell. Pretty scenes over the vale from a few hundred feet up.

Ten or so pilots wafting about in gentle thermic conditions. Ten minutes was all it took to chill our fingers to icicles.

Getting up the first 100 feet was the hard part. Tell that to Derek who, recuperating, slowly but surely climbed the hill to enjoy the view.

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