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Sun 27 Nov 2011

Report by Alastair Florence

Most of the weather sites were predicting a receeding NW wind late afternoon today, I decided to have a walk up round Bulbarrow on the off chance Bell might get do-able.

Sean S was flying a brand spanking new HG along with another HG-er.

I found some of the other Wessex's keenest (or daftest) waiting hopefully on the hill top, Karl B, Marcus W and Dave O, shortly before 1600 hrs the wind dropped quickly and went off West, soon after it picked up a bit again and came back on the hill allowing avaition until dark, which wasn't that long coming.

Not exactly epic but feet off the ground anyway's.

Sun 20 Nov 2011

Report by Richard Chambers


Are we sure it is November? A beautiful day on Ballard today and lots of people were there to take full advantage. The whole site was working and we all roamed free, having a jolly good time. I was a bit more adventurous than last time I flew here and fully explored the area, down to the end of the Ballard ridge, soaring the hotels on the beach front and off the end of Handfast Point! I even managed to trade my Gin Sprint for an Ozone Delta for a bit of a joy ride on a sportier model. Got to be a 10 on the peachometer, you don't get many days like that in winter.

Report by Neil Mccain

Ballard like I'd never seen it before: at least a dozen wings in the air and more on launch. Wings all over the site: down to Old Harry, over to the hotels, up to the obelisk, wonderful! It was also the first outing for the Mark1 R/M follow-cam (aka 'the Well Trained Parrot'), which did very well for a first outing (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDF_T1AyI9E). A grand day out.

Sat 19 Nov 2011

Report by Gary Puhl


These photos were taken today at Bournemouth. November? More like July. The wind was slightly off when I launched with a a cloudy sky. The sky cleared and over the next 3 hours the wind backed to the east and reduced slightly. It was easy flying to Sandbanks and back to Bournemouth pier but could not get enough height jump the gap. Tried soaring the new flats with my wingtip very close to the balconies. Landed on the beach and walked back. Brian M was a little more patient trying the crossing but as the wind was backing and dying he too landed on the beach. We joined Richard D in the Commodore for refreshments. Should be the same tomorrow.

Report by Alastair Florence


Forecast looked like it should be blown out SE on the coast today, Ballard often doesn't seem to do what it should so I guessed it might just work there with a bit of luck.

Too strong early but later in the morning seemed slightly lighter so I took a hike up.

It felt quite strong on t/o but manageable, in the air it was fine, mellow smooth and good strength wise. The whole site was working from Old Harry rocks to the Ocean Bay Cafe to the obelisk.

The wind gradually dropped during the day but the air stayed pleasantly bouyant. I got bored soon after 1500hrs and landed but it stayed flyable up to dark, others there include Simon V, Andy, Simon H, Roy M, Paul H, Colin D, Richard M on HG with Nev and 2 other hg'ers, I think that was about it. Peachometer set Winter mode and reading a 7.5.

Sun 06Nov 2011

Report by Steve Whitfield

I was expecting a rough ride at Monks today and it didn't disappoint. The wind was about 15-22mph on take-off, but with the thrashing of the trees it sounded much stronger. It was thermic, but there was no coherent lift and the chopped up thermals just added to the turbulence. The wind was on the hill when I took off, but veered during my flight. Despite getting about 350ft ATO I struggled to get to the track on Winklebury to top land due to the slight head wind and poor penetration of my glider. After a couple of attempts I gave up and went down the bottom for a perfect one stepper, I just wanted to be on the ground! Highlights can be found below.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W2RhrME13M http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0W2RhrME13M

Sat 05 Nov 2011

Report by Richard Mosley

Arrived at bell about 1.40 pm to see a departing Harry Dike and Derek. The wind was fresh and off to the north. After taking off i found the wind a bit rock and roll, but occasionally good lift came through, with a bit of a head wind i flew across from Bell to Okeford which was more into wind. Then over to the quarry in the next bowl. Good lift here and then out over to the edge of the village. From the air before landing i counted 18 cattle on our hill, c/o Mr Yeatman which would account for the amount of Sh~T! Nice flight for me though.

Tue 01 Nov 2011

Report by John Alder

Ringstead Bay. A fair number of pilots present for a week day: 5 HG's including me, more PG's many of whom abandoned the site by mid afternoon as the wind freshened. All the HG's had some good flying in the lovely November sunshine. I'm not sure why but I dropped a wing whilst touching down and broke an upright....GRRR!

Report by Neil Mccain

Report by Neil McCain A nice looking sky and encouraging reports from Henstridge and Compton Abbas tempted me to Hamblesdon this afternoon to fly the SW face. It was more southerly when I got to the top and gusty too, but I managed about an hour before getting tired of the pasting. My grand hopes of climbing out for a quick xc past Shaftesbury to Warminster were dashed, but the countryside was beautifully lit by the lowish sunlight and clear air - lovely!

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