Club Contact Address:
The Secretary, Wessex HGPG Club, 15 Frome Ave, Wool, Dorset, BH20 6ER.


Position Name

Craig Byrne

Gary Puhl

Alan Webb
Membership Secretary

Gary Pocock
Sites Officer

Gordon Crisp

Andy Ward

Robin Wallace (PG)

Richard Mosley (HG)
Club Coaching
Coordinator and
Novice Rep.

Sean Staines

Club Mag Editor

George Nott-Bower
Web Site Admin

Richard Davis
Non elected posts:

Bell Hill Management


Brian Metcalfe

Dave Franklin

Wessex XC League Secretary

Gary Puhl

Committee Hall of Fame

Members who have served on the club committee. This is based on records of AGMs since 2000, so runs from Mar of one year to Mar of the following year. It excludes the valuable work done by some members in unelected positions such as Bell Hill Management. Any errors/omissions, please contact me. If you have never served on the committtee, isn't it about time you did?

Name Post(s) Committee Years
Bob Dear Magazine 1984-2009 25
John Blessing

Web Admin 2004-2012
Membership 2007-2012

Stuart Martin

Safety 2000-2001, 2008-2009
Chairman 2001-2006, 2009-2011

Gary Puhl

Treasurer 2016-present
Chairman 1997-2000
Social 2002-2003, 2008-2009
PG Safety 2003-2005

Sean Staines

Coach Co-ord 2007-2008, 2017-present
Comps 2008-2012
PG Safety 2014-2017

Richard Mosley HG Safety 2010-present 8
David Daniels

Web 2000-2004
Secretary 2001-2005

Roger Edwards

Secretary 2005-2008
Magazine 2009-2014

Everard Cunion

HG Safety 2000-2006
Social 2017-present

Richard Davis

Coach Co-ord 2003-2004
Webmaster 2012-present

Richard Thomason Secretary 2008-2012
Comps 2012-2015
Andy Fenton Chairman 2016-2017
Sites 2011-2016
Neil McCain

Social 2010-2012
Coach Co-ord 2013-2017

Pete Chalmers Chairman 2006-2009, 2011-2014 6
Jeremy Mortimer Treasurer 2001-2007 6
Ali Florence Sites 2006-2011 5
Brian Metcalfe PG Safety 2009-2014 5
Pete Studzinski Treasurer 2007-2012 5
Ruth Kelly Magazine 2015-2017
Secretary 2012-2016
Adrian Bishop

Comps 2000-2003
Social 1998-1999

Adrian Coombe

Sites 1999-2002
Comps 2000-2001

Neil Hutchison Chairman 1994-1997
Social 2005-2006
Patrick Haughton Membership 2012-2016 4
John Readings Treasurer 2012-2016 4
Steve Auld Sec 1997-2000 3
Martin Hayward Sites 2002-2005 3
Dave Moores

PG Safety 2001-2003
Social 2003-2004

John Welch PG Safety 2005-2008 3
Matthew Whicher HG Safety 2007-2010 3
Roy Menage Coach Co-ord 2010-2013 3
Jane Ellis

Treasurer 1999-2001
Secretary 1998-1999

Charles Campion-Smith Secretary 2016-2017
Chairman 2014-2016
Craig Byrne

Social 2000-2001
Coach Co-ord 2006-2007
Chairman 2017-present

John Alder Safety 1998-2000 2
Paul Escott

Secretary 2005-2006
Membership 2006-2007

Gill Legras Comps 2006-2008 2
Sean Lovatt Coach Co-ord 2004-2006 2
Gary Mullins Coach Co-ord 2008-2010 2
Graeme Willgress Coach Co-ord 2001-2003 2
Keith Wright Comps 2004-2006 2
Gary Pocock Membership 2016-present 2
Gordon Crisp Sites 2016-present 2
Andy Ward Comps 2016-present 2
Nicole Barnard Social 2004-2005 1
Matthew Charlesworth HG Safety 2006-2007 1
Jacek Generowicz 1999-2000 1
Nigel Kermode Bell Hill co-ord 2003-2004 1
Tracey King Social 2001-2002 1
Pob Power Comps 1998-1999 1
Jerry Siddle Secretary 2000-2001 1
Richard Westgate Chairman 2000-2001 1
Dave Winn Social 2010-2011 1
Grant Oseland Social 2016-2017 1
Paul Hawkins PG Safety 2017-2018 1
George Nott-Bower Magazine 2017-present 1
Robin Wallace PG Safety 2018-present 1
Alan Webb Secretary 2017-present 1

Club Constitution

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Member List

Member type   HG/PG?   Sort By? 
NamePGHGMember Type
Adrian BishopAP H L
Adrian CoombeP H L
Adrian LeppardP H CC T LN
Alan BirtlesP H D CC T F
Alan BoothP H LN
Alan WebbP H CC F
Alan WhiteP H F
Alastair FlorenceP H F
Alex DaleCP H F
Andrew CunninghamCP H T F
Andrew JemisonCP H F
Andrew MurdochCP H F
Andrew PearseAP H D CFI TEP HL
Andrew ThorneCP H F
Andrew WardAP H CC F
Andrew WarmanCP H F
Andrew Wilczur CP HF
Andy DawsonAP H T L
Andy DonaldsonCP H F
Andy DowntonCP H F
Andy FentonP H M F
Anthony RobinsonCP H CC F
Anthony Stephens AP H TLN
Anthony Woodley CP HF
April SelbyCP H S
Barney PollockCP H F
Bob Dear CP HLN
Bob FossCP H F
Bob HayterP H F
Bob JonesCP H LN
Brian MetcalfeP H F
Brian RoscoeP H CC M F
Brian SearleP H F
Brian WoodCP H M F
Bryan ReganP H F
Charles Campion-smithP H D CC F
Charlie Ellingworth CP H CC F
Chris BarrattCP H F
Chris DrabbleCP H F
Chris GrahamCP H F
Chris LangmaidCP H F
Chris LennonP H F
Chris SparhamP H F
Colin WilliamsonP H F
Collin ThornCP H F
Craig ByrneAP H D M F
Dale PrudamesCP H F
Dan HoremanP H D TI CC F
Daniel GamesP H F
Darren GriffinP H F
Dave Bhattachargee P H DL
Dave MooresAP H D CC LN
David AlmondP H F
David ClinchCP H F
David HarveyP H D CFI CC F
David HawkinsCP H LN
David McKayP H F
David OrmerodCP H F
David WillisCP H F
David WinnP H D CC F
Derek BanisterCP HCP HLN
Derek LuffmanCP H F
Domenica LopaneCP H L
Dorian KentCP H F
Duncan ManningCP H F
Duncan RaynerP H F
Edward YoungCP H F
Elvijs UngursCP H F
Eric PearceyP HAP H TL
Everard CunionCP HP H CC TL
Gary MullinsAP H I F
Gary PocockP H F
Gary PuhlAP H D CC T L
Gary VaughanP H D F
Gavin FitzpatrickCP H LN
George Nott-bowerP H F
George Shapland AP H D CC MLN
Gillian LegrasCP H L
Gordon CrispP H F
Graham HowellCP H F
Graham SimpsonP H F
Harry DikeP H CC T L
Helen CoombesP H L
Helen SpallAP H L
Henry HookingsP H CC F
Howard BlytheCP H F
Ian Bruce CP H MLN
Ian GillespieCP H N
Ian HobbisP H N
Ian ManceyP H F
Ian McGowanCP H L
Ian McIntyreCP H F
Ian OrpeP H L
James BraundCP H F
James McKeemanCP H F
James SmithP H CC F
James SmithCP H F
James SpallP H CC LN
James TawseCP H L
JarosÅ‚aw Jarak KisielewskiP H CC T F
Jason HemmingsCP H F
Jeff DaviesCP H F
Jeremy CalderwoodP H F
Jeremy HineP H CC F
Jeremy ThwaitesP H D I SC MCP HF
Jerry SiddleP H T L
Jim PendleburyCP H L
Joe CoombesP H F
Joe McCarthyAP H D TI F
Joe RedmondCP H M F
John AlderP H SCP H SC TL
John BlessingP H L
John FletcherP H LN
John MitchellP H D TI CC LN
John PorterCP H L
John ReadingsP H L
John ShephardAP H CC F
John WelchAP H D CFI T M L
John WrefordCP H F
Jon BartonCP H F
Jon HarveyP H SC T F
Jonathan HarropCP H L
Jonathan MeyerCP H F
Julian PhippsCP HCP HL
Julian YatesP H CC F
Justin SimmondsCP H F
Kaye EscottP H CC TCP T MLN
Kevin Byrne CP H TF
Kevin DingleyCP H F
Kevin IansonCP H F
Kin CheungCP H F
Kit LongCP H F
Laurence WebbCP H F
Leigh JoyceP H TI CC F
Luis ParsonsCP H F
Luke BaldryP H M F
Luke Grant-jonesCP H F
Malcolm SuchCP H L
Malcolm WorthP H F
Marc TaylorCP H F
Marcin NiezgodaP H F
Marcus GoldsmithP H F
Marcus WebsterP H F
Mark BorleyCP H F
Mark EmeryCP H F
Mark LamportCP H M F
Mark RussellAP H D L
Mark TattersallP H F
Martin BeethamP H L
Martin FoleyP H F
Martin HaywardP H LN
Martin OrrP HCP HF
Martin Trott CP H TF
Martin WarehamP H F
Martin WoolleyP H T F
Matt MaclandCP H F
Matt WarrenP H M F
Matthew BurtonP H M F
Matthew Whicher P H CC TL
Maurice HumberstoneCP H L
Michael CarterCP H F
Mikal DunnCP H F
Mike BennettP H D L
Mike BrethertonP H CC T L
Mike DrewP H F
Mike HibbitP HCP HF
Mike VealP H F
Mikolaj ManolopulosCP H F
Natalia ShoutovaAP H F
Neil HarrisP H T L
Neil HutchisonAP H T N
Neil KermodeCP H LN
Neil McCainAP H D TI SC F
Neil WeymouthP H F
Neill FranklinP H L
Nic WelfordCP H F
Nick DayCP H F
Nicole MooresP H LN
Nigel BeavenP H F
Nigel BournP H F
Nigel RendellP H F
Nigel Spring-benyonCP H T F
Oleg PicukanovCP H N
Oliver SmartCP H N
Paco ReadP H T F
Paul CherryCP H CC M F
Paul EbertCP H F
Paul EscottP H CC TCP T MLN
Paul GravesCP H T MP H CC T MF
Paul HawkinsP H D F
Paul MaidmentP H F
Pete ChalmersAP H D CC T L
Peter GolebiewskiP H T F
Peter MaycockCP H F
Peter RobinsonP HP HLN
Peter WilbournP H F
Phil SmithCP HCP HL
Philip AnningCP H TICP HF
Philip ComleyCP H F
Philip VennP HCP HF
Piotr JankowskiCP H F
Przemyslaw MarekCP H F
Rafal TalarekCP H F
Richard BraleyCP H F
Richard DavisP H D CC F
Richard EddingtonP H M LN
Richard FroggattCP H CC F
Richard FrostCP H M N
Richard FurneauxCP H L
Richard GregoryCP H F
Richard MosleyCP HCP HL
Richard ThomasonP H T F
Richard WaltersCP H F
Richie TaylorCP H F
Robert Dowdell AP HL
Robert HamblettP H LN
Robert Le MarechalCP H F
Robert PowellP H F
Robert SmithP H D L
Robin WallaceCP H CC F
Rod KedwardP H F
Rod WillmottCP H F
Roger BarberP H T MP H T ML
Roger EdwardsP H SC F
Roy MenageP H SC T F
Russell Hesketh-robertsAP H D SI CC T M F
Ruth KellyP H F
Ryan ThornCP H S
Sam NewingtonCP H T F
Sarah ShackletonCP H F
Sean StainesP H SC MP H SCL
Shamus PittsP H F
Shane AskamAP H D I T F
Shaun AndrewsCP H L
Simon HerbertP H T M F
Simon HornsbyP H F
Simon SmithCP H F
Sion RobertsP H T F
Stefan LloydCP H F
Steph CahillP H F
Stephen RuffCP H F
Stephen ShovlarCP H F
Steve Green AP H T MF
Steve HindleCP H N
Steve ShackletonCP H M F
Steve Whitfield P HF
Steven CuthbertCP HCP H TF
Stuart YaldenP M F
Terry BranniganCP H LN
Thomas WebbP H F
Tim OatleyP H F
Tim ScottCP H F
Titus Fossgard-moserCP H L
Tony Paterson CP H TF
Tony StricklandCP H F
Trevor LeeP H F
Tristan OliverCP H F
William CoburnP H F
Hidden Members37840


Membership Types:
F-Full L-Life LN-Life Non-Flying S-Student N-Non-Flying
EP-Elementary Pilot CP-Club Pilot P-Pilot AP-Advanced Pilot  
TI-Trainee Instructor I-Instructor CFI-Chief Flying Instructor SI-Senior Instructor  
H-Hill T-Tow D-Dual M-Motor  
CC-Club Coach SC-Senior Coach      


Date Total
(measured at AGM)
New during year Comment
This Year   0  
2017-2018 280 35  
2016-2017 299 37  
2015-2016 290 45  
2014-2015 272 24  
2013-2014 278 34  
2012-2013 265 23  
2011-2012 274 36 First year of BHPA membership validation, 7 members 'lost'
2010-2011 281 33  
2009-2010 278 32  
2008-2009 280 31  
2007-2008 297 58  
2006-2007 279 44  

Membership Geographical Distribution (as of February 2018)