Telegram has quickly prevailed in Britain as the platform free-flyers use to communicate. Club members are now using the Telegram smartphone service with some enthusiasm. The app is available for iPhone, Android, Windows, and desktop versions are also available (but do require smartphone). Full details and download links on

Your Account

The community encourages people to use their real full name (or commonly used nickname) and a photo where your face can be recognised. A single name isn't useful as it is unlikely to be unique, and thus confusing. In your details you are encouraged to add you mobile number, glider type and colour, harness type, helmet colour. These details helps us all get to know one another on the hill, to help communications (including getting retrieved) and safety and discourages under-the-radar activity.

Wessex Groups

Once you have a Telegram account, you are welcome to join whatever groups you like. These are:

The best way to join a group is by clicking the joining link (available in the members area) or having someone who is in the group, and has your phone number in their contacts, to add you. It is simple. Some groups require an Admin to add users. Just ask if you get stuck.

You will also find chats with other national and international membership for Gear Buying & Selling, x-Alps, Kitesurfing, travel etc.

Be Nice
Most groups have moderators but we ask everyone to please be nice. Polite common sense normally prevails but it is possible to block anyone who causes upset. Please don't bully or make fun of anyone. Try not to take offence at anything and be careful when being funny, as these can sometimes be mis-interpreted.

The groups aren't run or moderated by the club specifically, just by the community and volunteers.