Check actual reports from flying sites on your phone and via email.

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You should be able to just click on the link and it will play. If not, it is probably because your internet connection is too slow - so right-click on the link, select "save as" or similar, save to your local disk and run from there once the download finishes.

SitePhone Heroes

The following members are recognised for their diligence in phoning in sitephone reports over the last year. If you are not listed and have called in, please update your membership record with the mobile phone number you are using.

Member Name Message Count %


To report site conditions

Call 02380 988461, no-one will answer, after a few rings, the voicemail greeting will be heard.

Simply state:

Then hang-up.

Please: Don't call in unless you are actually at the site. Don't just say "it's flyable" - you might be able to launch in 18mph with gusts, but not everyone would want to.

To find out current conditions

Call 02380 988461, interrupt the greeting by pressing **, you will be prompted for a password, enter 1013

You can automate the above by programming your phone to include pauses e.g:


Where P represents a pause. You can program a pause by pressing and holding the * key on most phones (on some you have to press and hold the # key instead, on others use a comma)

Now you are into the voicemail options, here are the main commands:

Press the key ...

Important - it might say there are no new messages. Either there aren't any at all that day or someone else has rung in and those messages are now in the Old Messages folder. Just switch to the Old messages folder.

Email notification

If you would like to be notified by email when a new report is received, please send the web administrator your email address. Email notification is not instantaneous, sometimes there are delays before my computer receives it and can then send it on.


You are dialling into the voicemail for the 02380 988461 number. So, you could (if you press the wrong buttons) delete any existing messages or even change the voicemail message (so, please don't be juvenile).

How much does all this cost?

The voicemail number is a standard landline number and will come out of any inclusive minutes if calling by mobile phone.

The service itself is free. There is no cost to the Club.