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Fri 21 Dec 2012

Report by Gary Puhl

As the world was due to end, Pete C and I decided it might be our last chance to get some airtime. Whitesheet was reasonably dry but the track up the hill impassable.

Fairly active conditions and there were moments where you could 360 and stay in the thermal.

A drop of rain sent us for cover. Back at the car we were set to leave when Andy B turned up.

After a site briefing, Pete and I returned to fly with Andy back into the sunshine with less wind than our previous flight. As the sun descended to the horizon the lift decayed and the wind dropped. Good day out

Wed 12 Dec 2012

Report by Andrew Fenton

I was in Warminster this morning and seeing the forecast was southeasterly I decided to pop down to Mere after lunch.  Four Avon guys arrived at the same time and, with a sunny sky and the wind on the hill at around 15mph, we took to the air.  It was a bit gusty for a while but settled to nice smooth lift; so much so that when my vario battery packed in, I felt that I didn't need it anyway.  I managed 80 mins until the sun started to set and it became too cold.  All in all, not bad for mid-December.

Sat 06 Dec 2012

Report by Andrew Fenton

I couldn't travel far today so headed for Swallowcliffe. It was light at first but I could see a few clouds forming and it picked up to 10+ mph so I took to the air. It was surprisingly lifty and with a bit of north in the wind I was able to fly the whole ridge. The western end was particularly lifty with some strong thermals occasionally passing through allowing up to 400 ft ato. There is also a particularly prominent fence post at the eastern end just along from the style/gate by launch where there always seems to be plenty of lift; this "magic" fence post is always worth heading for when losing height.  Anyway, I managed a decent 40 mins before the wind dropped off again.

Report by Alastair Florence

A pleasant days wafting was enjoyed by many of the dedicated suspects on Bell today. Some's wafted longer and higher than others but generally all had a nice sunny day out. Paul and Suzy H had there maiden tandem flight (thought i heard a bit of a squeal as paul threw in some gentle wingovers) and no acro from the school today. Plenty of lifty bits to be found. Nice for mid December.

Report by Andy Ward

An early(ish) start was rewarded by an hour or so soaring a decent northerly breeze at Maiden Castle in glorious winter sunshine. I'm not sure if it was the sun on the front fields or the slight shift to the west but it got rather bumpy and the wing had a couple of minor wobbles needing a prompt jab of brake so time to land for this red ribbon pilot.

Shortly after landing the wind died completely with the grass at the top of the higher earthworks completely motionless and finishing flying for the day.

I took some video which is on YouTube.

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