Eye in the Sky - October 2012

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Sat 20 Oct 2012

Report by Andrew Fenton

The site phone messages from Ringstead, Whitehorse and Swanage indicated a grim prospect for flying today so I thought I would have a look at Mere rather than travel too far.  I arrived at about 2 o'clock to see three PGs scratching in light conditions but it picked up a bit so I gave it a go.  When the sun peeked through, a few "thermlettes" developed to keep us up.  I managed about 30 minutes - not great but better than not flying. 

Sun 14 Oct 2012

Report by Marcus Webster


A few photos from Monks Down.

Report by Alastair Florence


Another excellent October day on the hill. This time at Monksdown.

Too light to start and a bit off West, by late morning things were getting much better but still off West a bit, by 1300 hrs things were getting freakily good with a sky full of folks boating all over the place at 1 - 3000ft.

I had a lovely gentle climb (made up for taking a frontal collapse earlier) to 3000ft amsl odd and was still pretty much over t/o I thought I may as well try and take it over the back although it was pretty much blue. Plenty of ploughed fields behing but not much further lift. Ended up at Tarrant Rushton.

Then got tempted by Bell Hill on the way home and had a nice waft about in soft smooth lift until I started getting too hungry for Sunday roast. Peachometer 7

Report by Andrew Fenton


........ and Monks didn't disappoint this weekend either.  I arrived at about 1:30 to see quite a few wings in the air but a decent cloud street and bags of lift allowed folk to spread out and head off.  The Sprint Evo worked its magic once again climbing out beautifully and maintaining plenty of height.  I suspect a few got away but with only two hours to play with, I hung around the hill although did manage the Monks, Winklebury, Whitesheet triangle.  Overall, another good October afternoon at Monks.

Sat 06 Oct 2012

Report by Shamus Pitts

An enjoyable day at Hambledon today.  The wind was on the hill and thermals were coming through despite the fact it's October and the ground was soaking wet.  I found myself in a steady climb and took it over the back, losing it about 1700' ATO as soon as Marcus W appeared (I think he stole it!).  I hunted about, eventually heading over to Okeford in the hope that something might trigger off the ridge there but found nothing and soon landed at the foot of Bell Hill for 7.5km.  Marcus continued on in his stolen thermal and eventually landed near the A37 for 28km!

Report by Andrew Fenton

Hambledon was the obvious choice given the NE forecast but I decided to check out Monks first. I arrived at about 1030 to find Martin B checking the wind.  It was pretty light initially but after a few hops, it picked up and became soarable.  A little while later a few thermals started coming through and a nice cloud street developed providing bags of lift.  I managed just about enough height a couple of times to think about getting away but, just at the critical decision point, the thermals seemed to dissipate.  Anyway, I managed 2 hours until it became too NE to be worth it. Quite a few others turned up including Neil McC, Nigel R, Grant O and Russell W.  Overall, it was great to get some decent flying in after such rubbish weather recently and my new Gin Sprint Evo was just peachy - top of the stack most of the time!

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