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Thu 28 Mar 2019

Report from WhiteHorse


Portland Weather Station showing SW several frustrated Pilots waiting at Ringstead.

Jason H decided to venture to the Horse, called it in and said "Flyable" So off we jolly well went and enjoyed some gentle thermals, no more than 300' ATO But generally buoyant and pleasant.

Tue 26 Mar 2019

Report from Bell Hill

Just as we got to the hill before midday, wings were attempting to launch and have small cyclic flights.

So it was kit out, double check and get airborne.

There followed some surprisingly consistent thermals allowing good height and after a short while a few went over the back Some making Swanage, yes! in March.

Others decided to explore the the aerials and mooch out in front to see how far and high they could get, Well some scrappy cloud streets and an ever improving wind direction allowed almost 4grand amsl.

So many Pilots at bell including red ribbons some of who struggled to gain any valuable airtime and others determined to milk it for as long as possible.

Good to see some familiar faces that haven't flown for a while including David and Neil F.

Another good day.

Sun 24 Mar 2019

Report from Bell Hill

What a good turn out for a thermic day at Bell. First flight was good, up to base at about 3000' with lots of moving around the sky. The thermals were actually very pleasant and some went over the back, well done all of you. Landed for lunch after working hard to get down, even with big ears and bar it took 20 mins.

I was told it had been blowing 25mph on launch.

Second flight was a totally different one, this time thermals were sometimes quite rough, what do you expect? Its still spring.

All in all a peachy day.

Fri 22 Mar 2019

Report from Ringstead

A good day at the Coast was forecast with a potential Coast Run.

It could have been much better but seemed like a one way trip. Round the corner it was SSW and height gain was good but the Orographic , although fun to skirt around, could have proved dangerous with a mix of Hangies and Floppies.

At one stage had to push well out to sea to get clear air.

Nonetheless lots of happy Pilots some making a long journey to enjoy the Jurassic Coast.

At the beginning it looked as though the Horse was the place to be as we could see a Tandem and a Solo working the lift.

Patience paid off at Ringstead.

Wed 20 Mar 2019

Report from Eype


Ah Ha! Looked out the window and what did I see but muzzle and clag.

A call from man of the day and we were off to Eype. Arrived to find John H setting up the flags and windsocks and it felt flyable, with mist/orographic on top of Thorncombe Beacon.

Dave MacK was first out of the blocks swiftly followed by yours truly and it was an easy transition to T.B., a few whistles and shouts to make sure we didn't collide and it was into and out of the orographic making sure of being able to see the shoreline and head out over the sea to get below and or between the cloud.

Joined by a few others including Marc T for his maiden flight at this Site.It was pleasantly flyable for 3 hours with a total of 12 Pilots enjoying some airtime.

David MacK was man of the day for his discovering a new Take Off.

Tue 19 Mar 2019

Report from Ringstead

Well did you believe the forecast? Steve S was champing at the bit! He was first to the cliffs. Paul K testing the new Gin Bonanza 2 playing in the thermals on the ridge. I thought stuff this I am going to enjoy myself on the cliffs. Then suddenly there were 9 in the air, quite buoyant and smooth with good height. David Mc staying low on purpose and Andy Mc desirous of airtime stayed up despite the temperature in his retro flying suit. Stand out Pilot of the day was LAT James B on his maiden flight to the cliffs ( Well Done James!!) A word of caution try to return to T.O. after coming back to Point A in the Site Guide.

A much appreciated day after 18 days of no aviation.

Fri 01 Mar 2019

Report from the Jurassic Coast

Robin W. called it for the Coast Run Cogden Beach to Charmouth and return.

Early messages in to say Nigel R flying at St Aldhelms and Steve S en route to Ringstead.

Well, do you or don't you of course you do! Robin fired up the Chariot and off we went to the Hive Cafe for a warming cuppa and cake.

I noticed a breeze just starting and we took the kit to a small grassy Take off. Oh! Lovely jubbly, enough to float and yes increase in height. So off we jolly well went.

Amazingly, no doubts about crossing all the gaps on this Coast Run. I have done this "Run" a number of times and have always, had to top up here and there but this was Transition Central, gaining height all the way to Charmouth.

No hugging the land to get round Golden Cap flew over the top looking down from 1350 amsl.

Robin not too far behind me testing his new wing and generally enjoying the views, shame the radio mike failed ( Robin threw it in the bin), as I was noticing a subtle change in direction and strength.

Took some footage of Robin seeking out Sean S landing on the beach at Lyme Regis ( great flight Sean).

We were receiving his radio transmissions to Andrea!! I headed back and spotted Eddy C on his Tandem quite low, definitely time to get a move on. I reached West Bay with about 1400' and realised the wind had definetly increased (no instruments as I had left the cable in the lunch bag) so just feeling the air. I applied half bar and landed back at the grassy T.O. Meanwhile Robin had landed safely at West Bay and managed to secure a lift with Andrew P back to Hive Cafe. A cuppa and cake to end the adventure. Robin well done on achieving the goal you set and entering it in the League.

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