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Sat 31 Dec 2016

Report by David Almond


The final day of the year held the possibility for some flying at Ringstead and despite the cold, damp and grey start, the weather improved sufficiently from about 11:00 for some tentative scratching along the ridge. Several pilots though headed out to the old take off location to try and gain an advantage, in the hope of flying the cliffs ahead of the rest of us. Gradually though over the period of an hour, the wind speeds increased and within minutes pilots were heading out to the cliffs ahead of those who had gambled on the old take off. You know who you are :) nice try... In total we had 12 pilots in the air, some on there maiden voyage to the cliffs. Despite cloud base remaining quite low, reasonable height gains of around 400ft ATO were realised and some even needed to use big ears for landing to reduce the effects of cloud suck, with the site remaining very buoyant for much of the afternoon. Everyone appeared to have a great time with many staying out on the cliffs till 16:00 in what proved to be a fantastic and final days flying for the year.

Happy New Year to you all and safe flying.

Report from Ringstead


Ringstead - It was a bit of parawaiting but patience paid off allowing 4hrs airtime before the drizzly rain. More importantly 4 maiden flights to the cliffs for Andy,Luis, Barney and Elvijs.

At one point there were 15 wings including a Tandem in the air on New Years Eve a fitting end to 2016.

Thu 29 Dec 2016

Report by Roy Menage


A beautiful and warm morning. Particularly nice after the dreary weather we have been having.

Had a short flight rudely terminated because the Boscombe Pier crossing required more height than I had. Back up the top and a careful forward-inflation had me just clearing the fence and back scratching around. Several attempts to get enough height to consider crossing the pier again failed to achieve their goal so I satisfied myself with scratching around. Easterly progress was slow but coming back towards the pier was much quicker. Height gain was barely 20ft ATO most of the time. Sadly, the lift was dying progressively so I eventually decided to cut my losses and top-land before another trip to the beach became inevitable.

Very pleasant to get feet off the ground after what seemed like a very long lay-off.

Report from Ringstead


Some photos attached from today along the Jurassic Coast down to Ringstead from Lulworth.

Tue 27 Dec 2016

Report by David Almond


An extra early start (cold) at Portland East, in the hope of flying 2 Sites in a day. However. it was "Fraggle Rock" for most of the day as the wind was generally E.N.E, (it never went S.E. as forecast), so why leave a flyable site? There was a brief respite at the Portland Heights for a Cappuccino followed by a return to take off, then like lemmings back to the air. It was buoyant and mixed with some pleasant sea thermals allowing 500'A.T.O. As usual the technical T.O. proved troublesome for a couple of new to Portland, Pilots. However, it was good flying for several hours and Gordon C had his "Maiden Flight".

Others making an appearance, Russell, Alan, Luke, Gordon and a visitor?

Wed 16 Dec 2016

Report by Elvijs Ungurs

Wonderful afternoon at Ballard Down, flying till sunset in a strong SSE wind.

Report by Ben Holt


Nice flying at Bowleaze this morning, the wind was going from gentle SSE to strong SE in half hour cycles. Henry, Ian, Russell and myself all had our share of good airtime all morning. Warm and sunny, not a phrase often associated with late December!

Sun 11 Dec 2016

Report by Paul Maidment


Working hard in the garden at about 12.45 I noticed a message on phone St.A working, having been driven mad by the lack of flying, within 5 minutes my gear was thrown in the car and I was heading at full speed to Corfe Castle, in my haste making a couple of wrong turns and ploughing a farmers field I arrived to see Ali Florence packing up, but he was kind enough to give me a full site guide and even launch again to show me the ropes ( I owe you a beer Ali ) I had 30 mins or so of quality views and flying, but had to cut short my flight due to having to be at my daughters birthday get together ( just got back in time ) heading back to car park from cliffs I found the sink Ali warned me about and had to make a bit of a tight turn landing but all was good, great place great flight.

Mon 05 Dec 2016

Report by Ben Holt


Portland East - The forecast suggested SE for Bowleaze, however it turned out to be NNE so some nice but unexpected flying at Portland for Ben and Russell. Quite warm for a change too!

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