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Sat 30 Nov 2013

Report by Alastair Florence


Another good afternoons flying was up for grabs at Monks today. Not that warm but nice and bright away from the tree shadows. Plenty of small gusty but gentle thermally bits around. I made Winklebury and back fairly easily as there was a bit West in the breeze. Rich M, Grant, marcus, Gordon R Dereck S Dr Charles plus a few others who's names escape me. Peachometer scoring a seasonal 5.5

Tue 26 Nov 2013

Report by Sean Staines

Winklebury / Monksdown.

The forecast looked good for PG at Monksdown today but there was Nil wind when I arrived around midday. I chatted with Marcus and Neil (I think?) about what was going to happen. When the breeze did start it was off to the west. I went to Winklebury. Neil to Swallowcliffe and I guess Marcus went to Bell.

Monksdown was scratchable which I enjoy but the wind gradually strengthened and veered towards the North so when I got the height I scooted over the spur back to Monks and soared that. It was smooth and pleasant but with no great height gain.  After an hour or so Ruth arrived and started to get ready. Unfortunately this coincided with a very week frontal system going through. A very distinct line with a cloud bank on one side and blue sky the other. As it passed the wind dropped and backed round the NW again. I flew to the far left of the ridge and managed to cross the road back to Winklebury where I kited it to the top and flew there again for a while before flying back to Monks to call it a day as the sun went down.

All in all a nice afternoon flying with the hills to myself for almost all of the time.

Mon 25 Nov 2013

Report by Paul Maidment

Monksdown arrived about 12.30 ,there was one wing in the air and two on the deck the wind was bang on but a bit strong i decided to give it a go, i took off and climbed out in very good lift but only getting a max of 400ft ato but pushing out towards the farm without losing to much height ,spent the next two hours boating about a few others turned up to take advantage of the good condition but the cold finally got to me so time to land now i had a problem there was so much lift top landing was a nightmare but  i finally managed to top land all be it on my ass , very good days flying. 

Sun 24 Nov 2013

Report by Sean Staines

After 3 Hrs of fun on the PG at Monksdown on Saturday I fancied a change in scenery and took the Hang glider to the Skysurfers site of South Harting near Petersfield. It is now a members only site so I joined up recently. There was good soaring to be had for the 5 HG pilots out on the hill but only Grant crossed the gap at Cocking, the rest of us not confident of making the crossing. A good day out despite the gloomy weather.

Sat 23 Nov 2013

Report by Alastair Florence

Some good flying in mostly gentle thermals was had at Monks in the sunshine during the morning. It clouded up and got strong and gusty for a bit which gave Paul H a chance to air his flying Goose. Wind dropped after a bit and we were on again. I gave up after a bit coz with the low sun i couldn't see the hill or other PG's very well. Fair number their and good for late November.

Fri 15 Nov 2013

Report by Sean Staines

Fun flying to be had at Monksdown today. Typical gusty conditions and small thermal cores made the 40 minute HG flight feel like a never ending roller coaster. Great practising my wingovers. Topped out at 1250ft. Also met up with Steve flying his U2 and a very bold Nigel flying tandem PG with his son. Did appear to use him as an airbag on landing, judging by the covering of mud though.

Tue 12 Nov 2013

Report by Sean Staines

Westbury - The forecast looked good for hang gliding at Westbury and I met up with Steve and Richard around midday at take-off. My second HG flight turned out to be fantastic. The thermals kicked off all along the ridge and cloud streets formed. I climbed out to 2100ft ATO and pushed forwards to the lake beyond the cement factory losing only a couple of hundred feet.  Then I spend the next half hour cruising about high up wherever I wanted to go. One guy pushed out over Westbury itself. All agreed it was a much better than expected day.

Report by Alastair Florence

I had a spare afternoon and it looked like it could just be Bell-able.

Derek S had been airborne earlier with Harry D and was back for more like a hungry pterydactl. Derek and myself had about an hour in the air also joined by Karl B and later Harry again.

Not bad conditions considering, a bit off North but a big dark cloud overhead was giving some gentle and abundant lift making pushing out a bit nice and easy and maxing out at 400ft ato odd.

As the cloud swelled up over the back the wind got stronger and gusty so we all landed, after which Karl and Harry had another try but the wind seemed to have dropped off again.

First flight for 5 weeks ish for me, not epic but makes things feel right in my world again if you know what I mean.

Sun 10 Nov 2013

Report by Shamus Pitts


I Had a pleasant hour and a half at Telegraph Hill today.  I was expecting it to be a bit strong but the wind was 11 - 16mph when I got there and the air was buoyant with small thermals regularly coming through.  By about 2 o'clock the wind was starting to drop so I decided to quit while I was ahead, packed up and went home.

Mon 04 Nov 2013

Report by Sean Staines

Bell Hill - An excellent days flying at Bell for the three hang gliders that were out, but too strong for paragliding. It was quite thermic and I managed an XC to Winterbourne Kingston. The last time I flew the hang glider was 2 months ago and I could tell I was rusty. I misjudged the flare on a nil wind bottom landing and nosed in, damaging an upright.

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