Eye in the Sky - November 2015

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Mon 23 Nov 2015

Report by Trevor Lee

Ringstead - A very cold afternoon and varying conditions with some thermals. Lots of height on the cliffs.

It switched West very quickly and ended the day. Flyers Gaz M, Russell W & Gordon C.

Sun 22 Nov 2015

Report by David Almond


Portland West - A bright, sunny and chilly day at "Fraggle Rock", well they have car stickers that say "Keep Portland Weird" Anyway after a consultation with Russell W , he advised Portland West looked doable. An early start at 0915 found it lightish but sunny and hopeful. After a comprehensive briefing I found myself airborne, quickly followed by Russell leaving Trevor L to face the hordes of Welsh OAPs shouting encouragement, but leaving him feeling full of trepidation with such a large gathering of sightseers.

Good old Russell landed to coax and encourage, then at last Trevor was airborne. Hurrah two cherries popped as Trevor & I had never flown this intimidating Site before. After 2 hrs of flying fun it was time for tea and cake. The wind had gone NNW so suitably refreshed Russell & I headed to Maiden Castle where we were joined by Alan W and enjoyed some strengthening and darkening conditions. But Hey, two Sites in a day. Not bad.

Report by Alastair Florence


Not quite what I had expected today, virtually no wind on Bell until the afternoon, FF school present as were several other die hard's, braving the cold but at times sunny parawaiting session.

I was begining to think I had wasted another day of my life when the wind suddenly picked up and we followed Harry D's lead by getting airborne.

On flight 2 a largish cloud was sucking gently allowing a steady climb out to and beyond the church at Belchalwell gaining around 850ft ato in the process. The wind was going progressively off North which persuaded most of us to pack up and go home after that.

Debateable whether it was worth the wait but not bad considering the recent rubbish weather.

Report by Trevor Lee


Portland West -  A call from Russell W had me head to Portland West for my initial flight at this technical T.O.

It was quite light and after another briefing I waited until David A & Russell were airborne. Gary P was there walking his dog and wingless ( off for a service). He gave some sound advice but I was full of anxiety as I was being watched by about 50 Welsh tourists and this is a difficult place to launch. Very kindly Russell landed to ensure I got my Maiden Flight. Yippee! What a fantastic Site. I could see Start Point in the distance and on the other side the Isle of Wight.I was very wary about top landing so went to the Promenade and landed right outside the Pub! David came to pick ne up and then it was tea & cake at the Heights Motel. Great day.Thanks to Russell for photos.

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