Eye in the Sky - July 2018

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Tue 31 Jul 2018

Report by Everard Cunion


After many weeks of intense heat followed by two days of storms, a mid-week day in late July provided great soaring conditions for hang gliders at Ringstead.

More: https://everardcunion.com/hang-gliding-2018/#RingsteadInJuly

Tue 24 Jul 2018

Report from Ringstead

OK I know big distances done inland today. But Ringstead was good for some first timers and some visiting Pilots.

Different conditions, slightly, more sunshine and eventually getting too strong.

Mon 23 Jul 2018

Report from Ringstead (again.. again..!)

Well, what a difference throughout the day. Low cloud and reasonable strength to start, Pilots coming and going.

Yet some remained airborne despite increasing conditions and seemed to have no problems.

Adrian in his new pod. Nick & Phil enjoying their Maiden Flights to the cliffs.The sun came out and it steadily got stronger enticing the Hangies Steve on his Atos and red ribbon Tony making the cliffs for the first time.

Simon and Nick M from the eighties visiting after a long break, Simon was the first PG to fly from Ringstead to Swanage and Nick M was the first PG to fly to the cliffs. Good to learn a little more of the Wessex's history. As some remained on the ground the Parabo***cks got worse. Yet the spirits remained high.

Sun 22 Jul 2018

Report from Ringstead (again)


Started light, then good height which dissipated and struggled to get back to T.O.

Then it came good with lots of Pilots enjoying the Cliffs.It eventually went more WSW and stronger, then the Hangies took over.

Sat 21 Jul 2018

Report from Ringstead


An excellent days flying at Ringers, absolute classic.

Wed 18 Jul 2018

Report from Eype


Another day at the Jurassic Coast with several Wessex enjoying the delights of Eype and beyond.

One clambering up the cliff like "Spiderman" to retrieve his £100 Oakley Sunnies.

Another crossing West Bay for his first time. Our Editor on his Maiden Flight at Eype and doing the tour to Dogs Head via Thorncombe Beacon, And having fun practising his top landings.

A great day with some very happy Pilots.

Thu 12 Jul 2018

Report from Whitehorse

Whitehorse Weymouth - An exciting start with some very small and punchy thermals but if "you could reel em in. It allowed some reasonable height gain and some tight turns. Then the sky started to go grey and the thermals smoothed out allowing some pleasant boating about for those that made the effort.
Wed 11 Jul 2018

Report from Ringstead


Ringstead Definitely thermic on the ridge with a strong Southerly element. So some fun and games with not too much lift or excitement on the cliffs. Apart from a would be cowboy landing short and trying to rodeo some steers who ate his gloves. Good fun to watch but he could not rope a steer if he tried.

Captain America aka 'Hunter Leader' gave a display of his staying up skills. It finally became flyable after 1730hrs.

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