Eye in the Sky - May 2018

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Sun 20 May 2018

Report from Ballard Down

A misty easterly start with Ben H first on launch. As we were readying our equipment spotted an Orange Sigma 7 approaching from west on Ballard Down. So its flyable, off we jolly well went, round to Old Harry Rocks with Grant O doing YoYos and wingovers low down and dirty. Others arrived and it was easy to go down to the low cliffs and soar the Hotels and get back to Whitecliff. Several enjoying some well earned airtime.

Only managed one photo on the phone of Gary p enjoying the view to Studland.

Sat 19 May 2018

Report from Jurasic Coast


The best laid plans etc.

A hopeful trio spent a long time waiting for very little to happen, but hey thats par awaiting for you.

It was not wasted , Elvijs made it to the trig point only to be thwarted by the orographic.

Which looked very spectacular with the cloud below T.O.. Some sun behind to show the biplane floating around the vicinity. Others reported some scratchiness elsewhere in Dorset.

Tue 15 May 2018

Report from Bell Hill


Well it seemed a lighter forecast but we were fooled. 2 in the air on arrival one a red ribbon. Launched with 3 others and it seemed benign enough, then it became rock n roll. After an hour it became too strong.

Others went later in the day to monks as well and enjoyed the air.

Sun 13 May 2018

Report from Bell Hill


A great day at Bell with some XCs, some preferring to play with the height and venture a few triangle, circles and rectangles. Some left the hill for the coast when there was a short lull in proceedings, and some flew till sunset. Video.

Report by Everard Cunion


This light wind day at Bell Hill saw height gains to cloud base by some, while others struggled to avoid going down to the bottom landing fields. Meanwhile, paragliding training was carried out at the west end of the launch slope.

More: https://everardcunion.wordpress.com/hang-gliding-2018/#top
Sat 12 May 2018

Report from Ringstead


Just a few diehards mixing a few small thermals on the ridge.

Wed 09 May 2018

Report from Ringstead

A scratchy thermic start, with all Pilots eager to get airborne.

Out to the cliffs and Oh! Its a bit scratchy and little broken thermals, gradually gaining height and boating about.

The wind was assuredly increasing until it was blown out. Some brave souls persisted and found themselves on bar.

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