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Sat 29 Jul 2017

Report from Ringstead


What awful weather for this summer. It appears there is scant flying to be had even though its meant to be summer.

The early birds managed a couple of hours before the rain.

Tue 25 Jul 2017

Photos from Ringstead


Sun 23 Jul 2017

Report by Robin Wallace


A nice morning flying at St Albans' Head. Only good between 10 and 11am. Nigel, Russell, Ali, Gordon and Robin on his maiden flight there.

Sun 16 Jul 2017

Report from Ringstead

A good day at the "Office" with varying conditions but eminently flyable most of the day. Even the Hangies joined the fun.

Thu 13 Jul 2017

Photos from WhiteHorse


Wed 12 Jul 2017

Photos from Monksdown


Sun 09 Jul 2017

Report by Grant Oseland


A fantastic week of flying and competing last week in the Ozone Chabre Open. Good flying was had every day and 5 tasks were set with many people makings goals each day and regular climbs up to 3000 meters. Some took the opportunity to do big cascade SIV training at the same time in biggish air.
Fri 07 Jul 2017

Report from Portland west & Ringstead


So twice in one week at Portland west & Ringstead, that hasnt happened for several years.

Thu 06 Jul 2017

Report by Gary Pocock


After having written the day off today having seen an Easterly forecast for this morning and the possibility of thunderstorms later, Jul's and I got stuck into butchering the garden, our once a year task. Having rammed Julies car with all the garden waste and got it up the tip, Russell's call at 3pm to say he thought Bell might be flyable couldn't have been timed better. We got there just after 4pm and conditions felt perfect. Russell left the messages and we were both in the air fairly quickly. It felt quite buoyant, silky smooth with thermals like classy elevators rather than tumble driers. Really pleasant and very welcome fly after such a poor spell. We were joined by two other pilot while we were in the air, but unfortunately I didn't get their names. We were surprised not to see more there however we guessed most would be taking inspiration Craig B who was giving a talk at the club meeting in Ringwood.

Sun 02 Jul 2017

Report by Andy Ward

Sunshine and a NW breeze brought pilots flocking to Bell Hill. Saturday started off grey and windy, but the cloud cleared and the air was buoyant enough to push out front for an FAI triangle. Sunday was sunny and the forecast promising but at the hill it was cyclical with a lot of scratching and side landings. I launched with a small gaggle of pilots and pretty much immediately took a big climb to cloudbase at Winterborne Stickland. The air was rough as guts and I wasn't hanging around at cloudbase (Suzie saw some pretty impressive deflations at Bell) but there was a cloud street all the way to Wareham so off I went. More nasty rough air and lots of sink as I reached the sea breeze front at Corfe, didn't want to scrape over the ridge low so I found a nice sunny field near to the castle, landed and and enjoyed an ice cream whilst I waited for Suzie. Great to see her back on the hill, even if it is with a pair of crutches rather than a paraglider.

Sat 01 / Sun 02 Jul 2017

Photos from Bell-Hill, Ringstead and Portland-West


Well June was not the best month for flying in the Wessex but July has got off to a good start.

Sat 01 Jul 2017

Report by Everard Cunion


Bell Hill, a cloudy sky in the morning gave way to a sunny afternoon. The lift came and went, and I was headed to the bottom landing field a few minutes after I launched. However, I encountered patches of lift in front of the hill, some strong enough and large enough to circle in.

Eventually, low and well up-wind of the chalk pit, I encountered a strong and narrow thermal that took me up higher than the top of the hill. The several paragliders soaring in front of take off made way for me. (They can land on the side and take off again at will, whereas a hang glider's landing options are more limited and turn-around time is consequently much greater.)

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