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Wed 31 May 2017

Photos from Ringstead


A strong day at Ringstead.

Sun 21 May 2017

Photos from Ballard


Sat 20 May 2017

Report by Grant Oseland


A plan was hatched early on to go for a coast run from Ringstead in a South Westerly, so there was very little chance of a return trip back up the coast with the wind direction. With this in mind a retrieve car was duly deposited at Kimmeridge and all were at the takeoff ridge at Ringstead ready to take off before 09:00. I say at the take off ridge but what I actually mean is at the field at the bottom of the take off ridge at Ringstead, as it was windy, with wind streaks and white horses on the water. Gordon C choosing to opt out of the madness. Russel launching first, followed by me then Nigel and Seb. Despite the strong wind the transitions to the cliffs were all easily made and the Jurassic coastal tour was on again. Inland there were some massive towering cu's and some depositing very heavy rain so a careful eye was kept on the clouds forming out to sea, as some looked untrustworthy in the rain department. As the wind was south west height gains were made on the parts of the cliffs that faced south west and then transition glides onto the next SW face. All pilots made it down to the ridge at Kimmeridge before snags were encountered, a very large cloud had just passed over head by Gadd cliff and lowered the wind speed a tad at first, when it was out to sea presumably sucking air, then by the time we had all made Kimmeridge, using said cloud as a handy lift, the cloud was setting up behind the ridge and sucking hard making forward transit slow. Very slow and bumpy, mixed with the normal thermals at Kimmeridge. Russell and Nigel started to struggle with forward penetration even on bar and eventually got blown back over the top of Kimmeridge and made the dash down wind to land safe. Leaving Seb and I the only ones able to push forward and onto St A. Height gains were plentiful due to the wind strength over St A and it was clear that a glide to Durlston head would be relatively easy. Despite the wind being SW Dancing ledge produced good lift, so good that a glide over the back and past Swanage and onto Ballards looked possible, and indeed it was with Seb and I both making it just past the green on the Ballards estate. As expected the air over Swanage was a little bumpy with the rotor, from flying in the lee, but nothing as bad as expected. A nice flight setting a new open distance and also turn point distance record for Ringstead.

Sun 14 May 2017

Report by Steve Whitfield


Lovely day at Ringstead. 20mph on TO and 25mph in the air. 2000ft AMSL in ridge lift and orographic to play in. Happy days! Video here https://youtu.be/u3B8Z-_hDhE

Report by Everard Cunion

A handful of hang gliders took advantage of classic post-frontal conditions at Ringstead.

Veteran pilot Wayne B set my camera straight, resulting in much better pictures after the struggle from the rigging area to the launch slope knocked it out of whack.

The air was perfectly smooth over the cliffs and sea, but the wind was westerly and strong.

I crossed behind Steve flying a Wills Wing T2, as he threw it around upwind of my track. As we know, an aircraft's wake travels downwards, so I relaxed and enjoyed the show. Whoomph! My wing lurched to one side and dived, then righted itself. Yes, his wake traveled downwards in air that was rising upwards. Duh! Landing in the west wind was the usual roller coaster.

More: https://everardcunion.wordpress.com/hang-gliding-2017/#top
Sat 13 May 2017

Report by Grant Oseland


A reasonable day at the coast, if a tad on the windy side. Seb, Nigel and I all making the best of a very windy day and taking in the Jurassic tour, all making out and returns, by hook or by crook. With some fantastic views to boot. Much use of the speed bar was required. So probably not for the faint hearted.

Wed 10 May 2017

Report from Ballard


Well as they say, "the beast from the east" usually prohibits aviation.

Anyway managed to get some flying in at Swanage.

Sun 07 May 2017

Photos from Monksdown


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