Eye in the Sky - June 2017

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Sat 17 Jun 2017

Report by Paul Maidment


Saturday was looking like a "classic at Southbourne" day. So I was a bit surprised when I arrived to see Shamus just above cliff height, not what I was expecting. So the waiting game started, I was soon joined by Gordon and Paul Hawkins. After a time Shamus lost the battle and succumbed to a beach landing . The four of us, me, Gordon, Paul and Shamus were all basking in the glorious sunshine, many, many minutes later the wind gods took pity on use and it started to look promising. Shamus was first to launch getting close to the wall in front of take off (I must watch that I thought to myself). Gordon had to leave and Paul had to get a harness from Gordons car, so that left me, I launched the wing. It felt ok, so I waited for a break in the stream of people heading for the beach and went for it, into the harness, bugger Im going to clip wall I had to give it a handful of break to clear wall, it worked. I cleared the wall, but got dumped on the zig zag with my wing laid nicely behind me on the cliff and a crowd of people clapping.

By the time I got back to take off, Paul had launched from further along the cliff top. I watched as Paul and Shamus headed for Sandbanks but every time now I put my wing in the air a crowd would appear, waiting for another show of my skills (this is not the time or the place to get it wrong lots and lots of people on the beach and people watching. By the time I did get airborne Paul and Shamus were heading back, I met them as they were coming back over Boscombe pier. As I headed for Bournemouth I noticed a big cloud of smoke coming up from the cliffs towards Bournemouth so I thought it best to stay well away and headed back to Southbourne, landing after about 10 minutes just as the police helicopter went over. I was tired hot and sweaty, not the best days flying but not the worst.

Fri 16 Jun 2017

Photos from Ringstead


Several photos of Pilots at Ringstead
Sat 03 Jun 2017

Photos from Whitesheet

Grant, Ian & Colin all made it beyond Salisbury.

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