Eye in the Sky - March 2018

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Mon 26 Mar 2018

Report from Ringstead

An unexpected day despite the forecast. Not just at Ringstead.

Several Pilots enjoying the breeze.

Sun 25 Mar 2018

Report from Monksdown


A day of two halves really with a drop of drama thrown in.

The morning proved murky miserable and muddy with some choosing to scratch and others waiting for somewhere dry to lay out their wings.

An hour later it switched on just as the cows were heading towards those preparing to fly, thanks Rod for being the cowboy.

Pleasant thermic conditions followed for a couple of hours with the sun finally showing itself, no higher than 1200 ATO but then a lull , only a short one and back to thermalling.
Most landed and then someone decided to have some playtime bringing us all to a state of WTF with a reserve being thrown almost at T.O. level. He survived and am sure will reveal all at a later date.

Fri 23 Mar 2018

Report from Ringstead

A cold and blustery day with 2 brave souls on cliffs in high winds. I went home for lunch and returned for an hour of airtime with it eventually picking up once again.

Wed 21 Mar 2018

Report from Portland West

Despite conflict of XC or Coast the sunny dynamic lift proved irresistible. Several Pilots turned up to enjoy themselves.

XC will have to wait for a more epic day.

Fri 16 Mar 2018

Report from Southbourne


Looked light on T.O. so a cuppa at the Cafe and then off we went.

Chanced it across Boscombe Pier, Oh Dear! A little scratchy took a chance and bombed (I was not the only one) after getting back past the pier.

OK quick dash back to T.O. wind and direction were better. Off we went again getting very good height down to Bournemouth pier (not crossing) and enjoying some urban soaring, A good day for Ben H maiden flight.

Tue 13 Mar 2018

Report from Ringstead


Not a "Classic" Ringers day by any means. Top end and gusty, Dr A first to test the air on his Mini Wing.

Sean S arrived and announced 'Feels OK' and off he went to T.O. and we all scurried to grab our kit. We had been prevaricating about the difference between the readings of top and bottom.

Well off to the cliffs it was, to find that there was definitely a shear effect, the higher you went the stronger it became and required full bar to penetrate, whereas at cliff height it was OK.

As they say Feet off the ground with the recent weather made it enjoyable. We also heard of an XC from Whitesheet, any news on that one?

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