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Tue 29 Aug 2017

Report from Bell-Hill


A variable day with it getting blown out twice and some going XC.

Sat 26 Aug 2017

Report from Kimmeridge


I have not seen 12 gliders in the air at Kimmeridge for a long time. Ali said " I have not had so much company here for ages".

Thu 24 Aug 2017

Report from Eype


I know Eype is not a Wessex Site, yet a "Wessex Posse' " had a good run at it yesterday.

Initially a wait for the wind, then some variable conditions allowing 1000' A.T.O. at Thorncombe Beacon, then onwards to Charmouth and back.

Sun 20 Aug 2017

Report from Ringstead

An interesting day with Grant on the Tandem, a Posse' on a downwind run to St Aldhelms, 3 who had never done it before. A couple of rain showers and some "Incidents".

Wed 16 Aug 2017

Report from Ringstead

Early start 4.5 hrs in the air for a new Tandem Record from Ringstead to just shy of Swanage.

Brilliant but strong day. Landing before Red Arrow Notam.

Tue 15 Aug 2017

Report from Whitesheet


A frustrating time but eventually made Cloud Base with Sean making it close to Winchester.

Report by Everard Cunion

When I launched at Ringstead, the wind was well off to the west and only occasionally strong enough to lift the gliders weight. Yet, on the main cliff, heading up-wind, I was not moving over the ground because of the strength of the head-wind high over the cliff.

Heading in for landing, when I crossed an invisible boundary near the hill, I was pitched, rolled, and yawed wildly and randomly. A couple of years ago I saw another U-2 flipped almost upside-down by turbulence after launching from the ridge here in a strong westerly wind.

It occurred to me that there should be a row of black flags somehow strung across the sky there.
More here

Sun 13 Aug 2017

Report from Friar Waddon


Good day at Friar Waddon, Good thermic activity and some Maiden Flights.

Sat 12 Aug 2017

Report from Portland West


Another day at the seaside.

It was a strong day for sure with 4 Pilots enjoying the conditions.

Thu 10 Aug 2017

Report by Grant Oseland


A good day out at last this summer. The wind was a lot stronger than forecast by mid morning, which saw lots of Parawaiting and sucking of teeth on the hill. Eventually something changed, either the wind dropped or the patience broke and aviation commenced. As expected the thermals that were coming through were very broken and going over the back low down, making climbing out difficult. I think eventually 7 went over the back all doing good XC distance. Once up at cloud base the lift was a lot easier to stick with and made a personal goal of Portland Bill relatively easy to make. Good times.

Report from Monks-Down


Makes a bit of a change to get some height.

A great day at Monks lots of XCs.

Tue 8 Aug 2017

Photos from Portland West and Ringstead


2 Sites today despite the vagaries of the weather.

Mon 7 Aug 2017

Report from Ringstead

Ringstead worked all day!

Sun 06 Aug 2017

Report from Eype


A Wessex Posse' went to Eype today for a "change of scene".

Lots of airtime.

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