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Wed 27 Jun 2018

Report from Annecy

Some photos of Wessex Members at Annecy and surrounding areas.

Mon 11 Jun 2018

Report by Grant Oseland

An interesting flight on Monday from the site that some have difficulty talking about in public, Hambledon. The worst kept secret site in the UK possibly. We have been cursed this flying season with all types of weather systems apart from flyable ones it seams, looking at the XC league this year is a sorry state of affairs for the Wessex. So it was with a heavy heart and little faith in actually flying, as the RASP for Monday was forecasting 0 to 1 stars that I took Monday off work to go flying.

Walking up to take off and seeing no one flying is never a good sign, "oh for ducks sake, it's shit again" was in my head, and indeed it was. On launching and mixing with the other skiving on a Monday lot, the air was not very buoyant and some reports of unpleasantness to the air were aired. Probably the best part of an hour passed of trying to hook something with no success, then in the fields out front I spotted the tell tale sign of swirling crops, big thermal coming through......boom......up up up up.....up.......here we go, we are on our way...........bollocks where has that gone?........down, down, get down now......bugger, back where I started. Just about to wrap and land for food, Mark R and Paul H had caught something out front again with tell tails swirling in the crops. All three hooked in and climbed. Yay. Pulled a few brake lines and made it down wind to Broadsands at Brixham. Which was nice.

Sat 09 Jun 2018

Report from Portland East


An early start as forecast was variable, weekend warriors out and about at the rugged Eastcliff.

A Dynamic Duo throwing their wings all over the sky and mere mortals enjoying some well earned airtime.

Into wind from either side of the aerial. So a couple of hours of fun before the Whitehorse's appeared.
Wed 06 Jun 2018

Report from Monksdown

A rock n roll "occasionally" session at Monks today. Tight line Dudes strutting their stuff. Grant on his Competition Equipment and outflying everyone. There were definitely some strong thermals although the inversion kept height to a max of 2000' ATO. Sean going for a short XC and disturbing Andrrea concentrating on the Crossword.

Some red ribbons enjoying the sunny weather and a carefree day.

Wed 06 Jun 2018

Report from Oakford


With a full week of North Easterlies forecast, it wasn't surprising that Wessex Planning telegram group focused its effort on our only NE site, the underused Okeford. All 217 Members of Planning group were given 24 hours notice and with very little good flying so far this year there was understandable anticipation. The schedule was set for Tuesday after work and the forecast didn't disappoint with our local weather station at Bell Hill reporting a perfect 8-13mph at exactly 30 deg, dry and warming conditions. The local seagulls and buzzards were relishing the buoyant air. What could go wrong? Sadly only one member turned up and the advice was to not fly alone. What a disaster! The sub-committee have therefore decided that, at the height of the flying season, if no one can be bothered to turn up to our only NE site in a NE wind then we are going to delete the site from the records and actually disband the entire club in shame, subject to full committee approval. This might be the last photo we publish.

Sat 02 Jun 2018

Report from Eype


Wessex invaded Eype for a change with some making quite an effort to get there.
Bright sunshine on arrival and 2 had a few minutes in the mist as it rolled in.
It didn't shift until after 1700hrs and many had left before that.
Some headed to Ringstead to be greeted with a clear vista but not enough lift or wind to stay up for more than 20mins.
A very very young Pilot was under instruction, whatever next?

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