Eye in the Sky - December 2018

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Mon 31 Dec 2018

Report from Portland West

Last day of 2018 proved its worth at Fraggle Rock. Several Pilots enjoying good conditions with some lovely sea thermals allowing excellent height gains.

Some Wessex Members coming along to observe and take photos.

Final launch after wind increased was Richard M on his ATOS, not often you see a Hangie at Portland West Unless you were there back in the day when the Club was in its infancy.

Happy Flyable 2019

Sun 30 Dec 2018

Report from Portland West

The air was somewhat damp as the orographic moved in but still good visibility. Once again, one Pilot getting away with "Murder" (his words) Throwing his wing all over the place. Others enjoying some well deserved airtime after a long break at work.

Take Off was a bit slippery , bit like an ice rink really, but so fluff ups. Everyone enjoying the views and the lift conditions.

Some of us had to leave for Sunday Lunch. Others waiting out the increasing drizzle to enjoy some afternoon delight.

Fri 28 Dec 2018

Report from Portland West

A grey start to the day. Met Ali, Steve, Joe & Robin at the Heights and measured 2mph... Oh dear!!! Not looking good.
We sauntered off for a Wessex Walk to check out the terrain and potential.
Hmmm, Windata showing all sorts of bad news and the harbour looking like a mirror.
Joe declared flyability and sauntered off for his wing. Well, would you believe it, the wind picked up and came on. Off to the Spur and met Roy, Joe first in the air, then all of us up and away for some pleasant cliff soaring.
Both take offs in use with Dad & Son W followed by Skippydoodle and a Visiting Swedish pilot Goran. 9 in the air at one point with a spectator taking some photos

Wed 26 Dec 2018

Report from Ballard

Boxing Day Ballard Bashers. On arrival one in the air and one preparing. A slow walk up additional weight from Christmas excess.

3 preparing and then more turning up to a total of 11. Good lift and round to Old Harry several times watching Joe trying all sorts of strange moves and shakes. Visiting Pilots Matt from Derby and A.N.Other from Sussex or was it Surrey? A total of 5 Old harry Cherries popped. Dale on his first attempt and making 10 hrs, well done that man, Steve on his new Iota2, Roy on his faithful Aspen and the 2 visiting Pilots.Brilliant somersault landing by Darren such poise.

It was a pleasant day and managed to transit along Ballard Down ( But not too far) and then down to the lower cliffs and onto Swanage seafront. Late arrival Ali and then later Mark.

Sun 16 Dec 2018

Report from Ringstead

The early birds had a flight in none too wonderful conditions.

Wet ground and too light at 0830 with easy flight to the cliffs at 0845.

The wind switching between SW to SSW and back again. A venture round the White Not the to find consistent lift and a possible coast run. Tom tried to tell me something that I couldn't hear (old age creeping in ) but I followed him and found I could not keep up at Durdle Door I felt spots of rain and turned back only to be penetrating at about 5kph? Saw Angus put in a full stall see attached pic for results.

Applied bar and increased speed, back in front of T.O. Initiated Big Ears to get down and found very strong conditions, looked at back field but could see lots of wetness and lots of brown piles of dung. Decided to go forward and land on the slope.

Tom texted to say he had landed at St A ( Well done that man) and had called out to me there was a lift waiting for us. Dooh!!

Mon 10 Dec 2018

Report from BEll Hill

Well do you believe forecasts??? Arrived at Bell 0940 to find a very muddy track, so decided to walk up.

Phil B was scratching about and a few others arrived. Conditions became soarable with the occasional thermals But couldn't get above 1100'amsl although Gary P was higher than the rest of us.

Twas a tad cold and damp with lots of cow dung to catch you unawares.Shame that some decided to churn up the wet grass.

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