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Sun 24 Feb 2019

Report from Portland East


Never for the feint-hearted, and requiring good skills. I saw a chance at Fraggle Rock, called Angus as I knew he was going rock climbing.

Earlyish start and bonus flying in lovely sunny, soaring conditions. Felt it was getting a change in direction as it was a tad lighter so sensibly landed. Angus decided on breakfast and a coffee at Quiddles in the Cove.

On way home had a call to say Ballard was flyable.

Thu 21 Feb 2019

Report from Various Sites


An unusual day. First off to Ringstead to experience low cloud and 20mph+ wind SW-SSW.

Left for Eype after hearing 2 airborne only to find 23mph at T.O.

Left for Hive to find lessening conditions.

The early birds made a good call with Sean & Robin enjoying Hive to Charmouth and back and Derek and Richie flying the the opposite run.

The one and only Sean coming into land at Hive.

Tue 19 Feb 2019

Report from Ringstead

A text from John A to ask if Ringstead might work. I had checked forecast and it did look strong? I replied and said I would venture up and look as he hadn't flown for 6 months.

Gaz M was setting up and I decided it wasn't too strong. So tested the air and cliffs were working well.

Joined by Gordon C and then later as I came into land Alex D. It had definitely increased with wind lines and imminent rain shower. It blew out the cobwebs at least, hopeful for some more aviation Thursday onwards?

Fri 15 Feb 2019

Report from White Horse

To fly or not to fly? Invitation to Beer, too far to travel on a Friday, although several from Avon went solely for Fish n Chips. No such luck at Friar.

Well, we definitely chose correctly as there were several hours of fun and games to be had at the Horse.

Jason H back in the saddle after many months of hard desk work. Tristan O determined to up his hours, no lunch, Came down for a chocolate after more than 2 hrs. Dan D giving himself an unnecessary walk to T.O. all the way from Osmington? Maiden Flight for Chris B, LittleNigel looking rock solid on his XC3 and a few more.

Thu 14 Feb 2019

Report from Ballard

Valentines Day, in the sunshine at Ballard. After the taxing walk up seeing 2 wings airborne, hope sprung eternal.

It was very pleasant cliff soaring with 2 new maiden flights. James B and Dan D.

XC hound Colin D turned up for the invigorating sea air. And of course, GeoJoe doing mad tricks on his Cure.

Wed 13 Feb 2019

Report from WhiteHorse

After reading tales of Volbiv along the Jurassic Coast from Tim P it was time to look at the forecast. Too strong for most and then after some serious thinking I elected to check out the local Whitehorse instead of spitting bullets over the strong forecast and conditions of the morning.

It proved a good choice as the wind, although 14-16mph on T.O., was pleasant in the air with thermals coming through.

I was joined by a low airtimer and then another local walked up from Sutton Poyntz to enjoy the conditions in good sunshine and lifty air.

Flew till the sun dropped behind the horizon for 2 hours of fun. On landing the wing and lines were very damp. Lets hope for some more flying fun in the near future.

Tue 12 Feb 2019

Report from Ringstead

Well the stones were cast and the crystal ball was read and Steve S decided on an early start at Ringers.

Oh.Dear! No Wind! However, there was a line on the sea in the far distance.

Pilots arrived from near and far only to say in unison. What happened to the forecas? A while later the ridge started to work scratchable at first and then soarable & shareable and then some thermals to give a little heigjht.

The air was buoyant and it was an easy transition to the cliffs, but alas, there was no lift on the "escalator" and the wing felt unusually fluffy trying to crab in and get round the stile. Oh No! Dismay, nothing in front of Holworth House.

Embarrassment, had to land by the grey house and the three of us had to beg a lift from Tony R back to Take Off.

Ah! At last! a wind strength that allowed cliff soaring and good height over the bay. It garnered strength and in the end it was big ears and a safe landing, with a muddy wing from the dampened terrain.

Shame to see the fly-tipping on the meadow.

Wed 06 Feb 2019

Report from White Horse

A fruitless start at Ringstead with the Orographic and then no wind to speak of.

Observed a wing scratching at the Horse so oft we went.

On arrival one staying up and exploring the ridge. After T.O. it was easy to stay up, a moment of Orographic to play in then it just got reasonably easy to mooch about over the valley. Some meagre thermals and soon joined by red ribbon James B for his best flight since qualifying and also Andy D joining in the fun. Thanks to Richie T for being the one to scratch at first.

Sun 03 Feb 2019

Report from Eype


The day was forecast to be flyable, if you believed the weather Gurus.

Several Wessex Members and several Avon Members decided to give it a whirl.

Arrived to find a flat calm sea with a distant line on the horizon bright sunshine and surprisingly not too cold.

Two carrying their gliders, were spotted walking up to Thorncombe Beacon and a little later seen at cliff height having a play.

It was still nil wind on normal ( and only official ) Take Off.

An hour later the wind line had moved much closer and one had landed on the beach from Thorncombe and the other was beginning to gain height and doing some manoeuvres.

A rush of gliders were being laid out on the now expanded T.O. ( thanks John & Crew).

Sean showing his new aerodynamic attachment to reduce drag atop his harness.

A few curls of wing tips on the ground and suddenly there was too much wind, just as I had got the wing above my head I was walking backwards, thanks to Peter H I was airborne. I made my way to Thorncombe with no trouble at all and gaining good height. Watching Joe attempting all kinds of tricks on his Acro wing.

I did some runs back to T.O. and the Beacon . Then spotted everyone packing up.

I considered my options and became aware of ever increasing wind lines on the water and quite a calm patch in front of Charmouth. Ah Ha lots of West and the instrument was showing max 6kph into wind.

OK time to land, and back to Eypemoth and landed with Big Ears.

Just a reminder Folks. Condors have worked hard to maintain this Site and have agreements in place with the landowners One of their requirements is NO BEACH Take Offs! Please read the Site Guide. Thanks

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