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Fri 31 May 2019

Report from Cogden Beach, Seatown, Ringstead

Having seen the comments on Telegram we decided to try our luck at Cogden Beach for the Charmouth Run, quite light to start. Crossed The Hive, then Freshwater Bay as we built our height before crossing West Bay it was a little daunting due to the beach and harbour area completely unavailable due to Civil Engineering works, with cranes , dumpers and heavy Plant at work.

Still it was a successful transition to Eype to be met at Thorncombe Beacon with Orographic as we started to transit to Golden Cap the Orographic cleared away a little and it was then noticeable that bar was needed to penetrate, so it was time to play around the Beacon and after an hour and a half a return to Cogden Beach. (It turned out to be a good afternoon at Eype , later).

We decided to have a look at Ringstead and were rewarded with another coastal flight, joined by others who had been waiting for it to ease a little. Orographic was forming at Lulworth but it remained clear at the White Nothe and a little beyond.

Sat 25 May 2019

Report from Ringstead

A forecast of increasing strength on the coast and light winds inland.

Consulted with some friends, and as they hadn't flown for a while Ringstead was the chosen place.

Well it is a stunning Wessex Site. Playtime on the cliffs with one Pilot determined to practise YoYos and Wingovers.

Again the pesky young Buzzard was giving grief to a couple of Pilots regardless of wing colour.

As forecast it picked up almost on time at 1600hrs with some Pilots having enjoyed over 3 hrs airtime.

Thu 23 May 2019

Report from Ringstead


Floppies and Stiffies mixing it up at Ringstead, some for their Maiden Flight at this beautiful Wessex Site.

Smooth laminar air only problem was young Buzzard at Holworth House being aggressive towards some PGs.

Sat 11 May 2019

Report from Monks Down

The forecast was NW and reasonable. Well I never, it was N and top end especially on launch.

When we arrived one was going XC and 2 were flying ( of sorts) looked too rock n roll for us mere mortals on the ground.

Nigel landed and said it was rough, understatement I think? However, Colin and Grant both went Xc and did similar distances.

Fri 10 May 2019

Report from WhiteHorse


As I walked along the track I could see 2 wings in the air and at T.O. 4 in the air.

It was looking quite lively and when in amongst it that was the case.

Grant O arrived and just flew and then decided enough was enough and he went XC and landed for 58Kms near Warminster, respect and others thought amazing considering the cloud formations.

Mon 06 May 2019

Report from Ringstead

It was Ringstead again! Different today due to the fact that the wind decoded to be SSW and the Ranges were not Firing. ( Although a Red Flag was at full mast?).

2 keen Pilots were off and gone and started to go around the White Nothe, other swiftly followed. I lent my Coastal Wing to Skippy to ground handle while I assisted launching Grant and passenger on the Tandem.He definitely worked hard showing James the delights of a trip to Dungy Head, later taking Hayley to White Not the.

I ventured to Durdle Door and felt a change in direction and headed back into wind to the White Not the, took some footage and landed for lunch.Shortly afterwards we were visited by Peter Robinson who came for a looksee now that he no longer flies.

It was not an epic day and the initial 2 Pilots never made it back to take off and decided on alternative forms of transport.

01,03,05 May 2019

Report from Ringstead


Well would you believe RASP, Grant says its a pile of Poo.

So we didn't go to Bell, and Ringstead although generally WSW proved flyable allowing good height gains above White Nothe. Some came to practise Alpine launches before they fly to Montegrappa, some came to soar the ridge, some went to the cliffs and some went to the beach. Steve S went to ferry them back to the T.O.

Always worth a go at Ringers especially with so little positive news from Bell or Monksdown.

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