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Fri 30 Aug 2019

Report from Cogden Beach

A very strong day, but there was an opportunity not to be missed with an early start.
Quite interesting to launch where Hangies normally T.O. but it proved a worthwhile jaunt.
Skippy testing his Sprint Evo sometimes to walking it along the promenade.
Angus on his new wing and the 2 Sigmas cutting across the sky with very minimal use of bar.
I used it for the last 50 metres across WestBay just to ensure connection with the low cliff.
It really was quite enjoyable and not that much different to yesterday.

Thu 29 Aug 2019

Report from Jurassic Coast

So the phones were ringing last evening and it was a confirmed decision to make an Early start.
Derek arrived on Site at 0800 followed by Paul then 30 mins later myself and Dave.
Slightly off to the West but within another 30 minutes, it was time to launch and sally forth.
Dave was gone like a bat out of hell and confessed to being on half bar.
Several attempts to transit over West Bay and then onwards and upwards. I waited patiently at Thorncombe Beacon as I watched two gliders failing to make it to Golden Cap. Hmmm! I thought OK lets give it a go as I could see Dave good and high.
4 attempts and I finally got round and up and over GC. Just reward as Dave was returning from the Spittles on the other side of Charmouth.
So a boat along towards Charmouth and a turn round halfway as I felt the wind increasing.
A good journey back towards Cogden Beach with Skippy just managing to get across West Bay.
All down safe after nearly 3 hours in the air.

Wed 28 Aug 2019

Report from Ringstead


An early start due to forecast allowing 2 hours of cliff soaring.
Marek braved going round the corner as he had good height and returned safely through the rain.

Fri 23 Aug 2019

Report from WhiteHorse


A phone call from Jason to say "Its working" had me at the Horse within 30 minutes.
It was thermic cycles which allowed consistent flying and it improved enough to get 900' ATO.
It only lasted a couple of hours but good enough after a rather strong and eventful day at Ringstead on the 22-8-19.

Sun 04 Aug 2019

Report from Eype

It looked too strong for Ringers, so a plan was formulated to travel West, Grant & I bundled everything into Elvijs car and travelled to Eype. On the top road it looked as though there was a lot of murky stuff on Thorncombe beacon and we thought "Oh NO!" We carried on as a message came in to say 1 wing in the air.

Tandem was landing as we arrived and Thorncombe was obscured from view. After a short while the wind improved as did viz and we flew up and down this lovely Jurassic Coast Sean had squeaked around Golden Cap and I turned back as I did not think it wise to go so low. Still he made it back as Joe was performing his stunts in front of the Beacon.

3 Tandems at play and many more Pilots throughout the day. We left about 1545 just as conditions really improved and low airtimers were getting to Charmouth, well done Dale A. An interesting day.

Sat 03 Aug 2019

Report from Ballard


A couple of positive messages on Telegram proved the plan to go to Ballard could be worthwhile.

On arrival, Ali high and doing well so James, Paul and I started the walk up followed by Grant and Alan.

Felt good enough to launch from the lower part of the slope. Conditions allowed a tour to Old harry Rocks and then down along Swanage Seafront. We were joined by Eljvis, Dave from Southern Club and then Colin & Mark. I got to fly Grants 2 liner which was an experience in itself. As we landed in the Emergency field the Hangies took to the skies. We walked through the farm back to the cars as all good boys should do.

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