Eye in the Sky - October 2019

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Sun 27 Oct 2019

Report from Countisbury Hill, North Devon

After a long spell of wet and windy weather, a plan was hatched to try further afield.
North Devon Coast was the chosen place and we opted for Countisbury Hill north of Lynmouth.
A long drive courtesy of Steve S in his new van picking up Robin and Derek at Shafetesbury.
We met a few of the Avon Members in the Car Park and walked to Take Off where the wind was very light.
We then spotted some wings flying at Trentishoe south of Lynton and we started to unpack and then even less wind? After 30 mins a buzzard was thermalling in front which was enough for Tim P to launch and show us that it was actually flyable albeit in sea thermals.
So the sky became floaty in the thermals allowing some pleasant aviation with Tim and Simon showing how easy it was to get over 2000' amsl. Robin ventured to Porlock to claim some XC distance. The rest of us top landed and retiered to the Pub for a well deserved drink.

Wed 16 Oct 2019

Reportfrom Portland West

Checked forecasts and decided it would probably be OK after lunch to travel to Fraggle Rock.

Felt very West so took off at the Spur on the second attempt after being unceremoniously being dumped on my butt. Perfect second Take Off (Ha Ha). Joined by another on Gin Wing and it turned out to be a delightful afternoon with Ian & James observing and recording events. Sunshine at last with some thermals along the way.

Thanks to James for some of the photos. Video on Wessex Flight Reports Videos and Photos.

Tue 15 Oct 2019

Report from Ringstead


After the mist & rain the sun came out but the sky still appeared ominous and an early message said "No wind".

I prepared lunch and thought I will go up for some fresh air. On arrival some red ribbons were g/handling and having short hops.

Ian took off and maintained so out came the Sigma 10 and the air was thermic and buoyant on the ridge. I gained 200' and headed to the cliffs where it was definetly more SW and good height allowed a good soar over to Caravan Camp and back to White Nothe. Eventually joined by Ian. A pit stop for refreshments and to welcome Harvey F from Cumbria Gliding Club.

Then back to enjoy the cliffs followed by Kire and then Harvey. After a couple of hours it became noticeably stronger and eventually blew out..

Sat 05 Oct 2019

Report from White Horse


A grey North Easterly start to the day with a glimmer of hope for some aviation in the afternoon, A walk along the track (very muddy & rutted) to the Horse to find a red ribbon and two low airtimer's ground handling.

A chat and a bite of lunch and then it started to work.
A good and pleasant hour before darker clouds began to come in from the west.
Reports came in of aviation at Southbourne so it worked elsewhere.

Photos courtesy of Kevin K.

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