what3words in an emergency

what3words is a clever way of specifying any 3x3m place on the planet, rather like the way domain names are easier than IP addresses (wessexhgpg.org.uk is For example Whitesheet takeoff is ///visit.paler.quaking
They are just random words and they are fixed. There is only one visit.paler.quaking in the world.

Now the South Western Ambulance Service (the whole of South West; Bournemouth to Cornwall) amongst other Emergency Services have started using it and encourage people to use it in 999 situations. This BBC Look North video explains the concept;

So for safety reasons you are encouraged to download the what3words app. If you are in a remote location, even without a data signal you can look up your what3word location and relay it to emergency services by phone or radio. It also works on a browser if you have data, going to w3w.co
It would be worth spending a few minutes getting familiar with the app it so you aren’t fumbling in an emergency.

Help put what3words in our site guide

Seeing as it is being more widely adopted across the UK we are also planning to augment our site guide with what3words locations to make sites easier to find & help members park and walk in the right places. You will be able to click on a link, (or type in the 3 words), find the spot on the app and then get walking or driving directions using any of the popular map apps like Google Maps and Waze. Initially we are building up the data in a shared Google Sheet. Later we will publish them in the site guide too, adding to the OS Grid Ref and GPS refs we already have.

If you have a spare 10 minutes please contribute by finding the locations of any sites you are familiar with and adding to the list. Also we want a 2nd person to verify each location. Normally we will have locations for parking, access, launch and landing spots.
Thanks for your help.