Club Meeting


Should you live a long distance from the venue, then maybe arranging a lift share would be an option?
Typically the meetings end around 10pm.


Bournemouth / Southbourne


Restricted Flying Hours 1st July to 22nd August.
NO Flying between 10:00 and 18:00.
Pilots need to do a dynamic risk assessment and if the clifftop and beach is getting busy, or still busy, then flights must be suspended until crowd levels have reduced, or if approached by a Council official.
Please read the site guide for this very sensitive site BEFORE you next fly.

New ATZ - Portland East/West


A permanent ATZ has been established around the Portland Heliport which affects flights from Portland East and West. It is NOTAMed now and will appear in the UK AIP in due course. The club has obtained a letter of agreement to fly within the ATZ subject to the procedures set out in the agreement (LOA Wessex HGPG). It is essential that if you intend to fly Portland you familiarise yourself with this agreement and abide by it.
The site guides for Portland East and Portland West have been updated reflect the changes.

Wessex HGPG Committee



This is a Wessex members only site that has been temporarily closed at the request of the landowner because of the livestock he currently has on the land.

This has been a particularly sensitive site that was lost to the club for a couple of years but was reopened with strict conditions applied by the landowner.

Any attempt to fly the site during this closure is likely to close the site permanently

Wessex HGPG Committee



A reminder - if you are intending to fly at Barton-on-Sea, you *MUST* phone in to the council AND you *MUST* also have had a briefing which *MUST* be recorded by YOU updating your membership record on the club website.

If you fail to do any of these and you decide to fly, you are likely to risk the club losing the site.

Please read the Barton on Sea, site guide!

Wessex HGPG Committee



New Members

Dave Witts Portland PG:CP
Jared Glister Greater London PG:CP
Richard Curson Harrow PG:CP
Simon Millen Woolston PG:CP
David Wrigley Stockbridge PG:CP
Christopher Freeborn Lee On The Solent PG:CP
Anders Olesen London PG:CP
Today's Member
Peter Robinson
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