New Members
Jon Collie Witney PG:AP 1100Hrs
Martin Wareham Witney PG:CP 100Hrs
Sylwia Brajza Feltham PG:CP 30Hrs
Pawel Mazurek Feltham PG:CP 40Hrs
Paul Sherwood PG:CP 25Hrs

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Wessex HGPG 2017 AGM Committee reports are available here.
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Site News

NO FLYING between:
29th June and 4 July due to the Southbourne Shake & Stir Festival.
25th August and 3rd September inclusive due to the AirShow.

ALL WESSEX SITES Recent events have highlighted that members are not always aware of the rules and information relating to a site - PLEASE take the time to re-read the siteguide BEFORE you next fly.
Ringstead Bay Parking is now "Pay-and-Display", please re-read the siteguide for details.
AVON - MERE Pilots recently flying Mere Rifle Range have been observed behaving in a dangerous and irresponsible manner, such behaviour is not acceptable and risks the loss of sites and reciprocal agreements. The Mere sites are very sensitive at the moment due to a recent incident. All visiting pilots are strongly advised to re-read the siteguide before their next visit.
Club Meetings
July 6th Flying in South Africa by Craig Byrne
The club meets on the first Thursday of each month at the Elm Tree in Ringwood at 8pm.
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Phil Smith
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