Club Meeting

Our next club meeting takes place 4th November 2021 at the Elm Tree in Hightown, Ringwood at 8pm.
Normally we congregate in the bar area from 7pm onwards for a social chat around one of the tables. Then transfer over to "The Barn" where the main meeting takes place with drinks in hand.
Should you live a long distance from the venue, then maybe arranging a lift share would be an option?
Typically the meetings end around 10pm.




After much hard work by our sites officer (Gordon), the National Trust have announced that with immediate effect, HG may resume use of Ringstead.
All flyers are reminded that the following restrictions MUST be adhered to:

a) The rear landing field is now closed and should not be used by PG or HG for landing.

b) No more than 10 gliders are to be on take-off or flying along the take-off/landing ridge.

c) PGs should be safely stored inside yourvehicle when they are not in use.

Please remember that we do not have exclusive use of the site and must respect the other users of the site.

Failure to adhere to the new restrictions will lose the site.

Please read the Ringstead site guide BEFORE you next fly.

Wessex HGPG Committee



We have re-negotiated our access to fly Barton-On-Sea.
New Forest District Council have stipulated that it is now a requirement that every pilot must "phone-in" before they fly, full details of the new rules are detailed in the updated Barton-On-Sea site-guide.

Please take the time to read it before you next fly Barton-On-Sea.

Wessex HGPG Committee



Monksdown Has re-opened!
After long negotiations with the Monksdown farmer we are pleased to announce that Monksdown has re-opened. However, there are very strict conditions on its use - infringements are likely to see us lose the site forever.

Please take time to read the updated Monksdown site guide before you next visit Monksdown. Please also ensure that you destroy any earlier versions of the guide that you may have in your possession.

The committee is open to suggestions on the best way forward so that we can make the rule changes fair to all those wishing to fly the site. Initially we plan to have a dedicated Telegram MONKSDOWN SITE LOG group for Wessex HGPG members to announce their arrivals and departures at the site, thus enabling the new rule of 5 to be best managed.

Wessex HGPG Committee



We have been instructed to advise flyers that you are not permitted to park your vehicle anywhere behind the ridge. This includes behind launch and at Heaven's Gate. Please use the car parks only.

The site-guide for Kimmeridge has been updated. Please take the time to read it before you next fly Kimmeridge.

Wessex HGPG Committee



New Members

Stephen Calland Poole PG:EP
Jonathan Clarke Seaford PG:P
Today's Member
Anthony Woodley
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