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Keith Mordue Weymouth PG:CP 1Hrs
William Ferrier Romsey PG:CP 1Hrs
Joanne Weatherby Blandford Forum PG:EP 1Hrs
Nigel Cowley Southampton PG:CP 5Hrs
Neil Russell Poole PG:CP 1Hrs
Krzysztof Tatarzycki Southampton HG:CP 30Hrs
Timothy Morgan Poole PG:CP 1Hrs
Matthew Weatherby-norris Weymouth PG:EP 1Hrs
Max Brooks Bristol PG:CP 1Hrs

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Gone flying? let others know the conditions by leaving a message, please check the Telegram/sitephone pages for details.
The latest Wessex HGPG Committee minutes are available here.
August 2019 Airmail now available in the members area.
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Site News
ALL WESSEX SITES Recent events have highlighted that members are not always aware of the rules and information relating to a site - PLEASE take the time to re-read the site guide BEFORE you next fly.
Bournemouth/Southbourne Restricted Flying Hours during July and August.
NO Flying between 10:00 and 18:00.
Pilots need to do a dynamic risk assessment and if the clifftop and beach is getting busy, or still busy, then flights must be suspended until crowd levels have reduced.
Please read the site guide for this very sensitive site BEFORE you next fly.
Ballard Down / Whitecliff We have received a complaint from the farmer of Whitecliff Farm, Swanage that Pilots landing in his lower fields (the 8th July) have been climbing over the lower fences to join the Coast Path causing damage to the fences.
If you have to land in any of his fields then you MUST exit the fields through Whitecliff Farm ONLY and join the public footpath south back through the Ballard Estate.
PLEASE take the time to re-read the site guide BEFORE you next fly.
Bournemouth/Southbourne NO flying between Friday 22nd August and Monday 2nd September 2018 inclusive. This covers the Bank Holiday weekend, build up to and Air Festival plus a day breakdown.
Club Meetings
5th September Dorset Coastal Flying - how to do it safely.
Russell will be talking us through the joys and pitfalls of coastal flying, with detailed explanation of flying from Ringstead and the many safety factors to consider.
The club normally meets on the first Thursday of each month at the Elm Tree in Ringwood at 8pm.
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